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Monthly Archives: January 2007


Announcing the new release by Herrmutt Lobby : vinyl and digital EP available February 2009


Herrmutt Lobby – LIVE – [BE]

Bretzel Zoo – LIVE – [BE]

Blipvert – LIVE – [USA]

Dimlite – LIVE – [CH]

Vervue – VISUALS – [NL]

Pete Concrete – DJ – [NL]

Fre2k – DJ – [NL]

Subsander – DJ – [NL]

Evan Odd – DJ – [NL]

ATeeze – DJ – [NL]

The Lost Homeboy 2.0 – DJ – [NL]


Celebrating the upcoming release of our tenth record, Eat Concrete Records Presents the ‘Bassfudge Powerscones Tour’.

Bear with us as we travel across the land spreading the Bassfudge Vibe! Alongside Herrmutt Lobby there will be a grand list of affiliated artists and dj’s from around the globe. All will be drenched in psychedelic visual art by Vervue himself, checkout his exclusive video flyer above.

Please come join us where you can, check the line up and locations down below.
Stay tuned!

Eat Concrete Records.


Herrmutt Lobby aka Bretzel Zoo

Hailing from the notorious 4800, the Herrmutt Lobby is composed of “nerds extraordinaire” Kadah Vresky, Back & Forth, scratch composer Dj Swiffer of the Fistfucking crew and whoever else happens to drop by. Separately they’ve already delivered several releases. Kadah Vresky released their debut LP on DUB in 2002, have remixed Funkstörung for Studio !K7 and supplied tracks for compilations on MAS, Dub, Civik and On records .Members of the romantically inclined Fistfucking Crew [whose debut LP leaves nasty stains under the nails], Back & Forth, after acquiring a reputation for their live performances, have recently finished a first EP, as yet unreleased. Guest sound supplier, Jean Mix was recently elected Vervier’s Mister Commodore 64. Voluntarily sequestered in the Merlin HQ [and other dubious locations of ill repute], for days on end, without any contact with the outside world or so much as the time of day, Herrmutt Lobby are essentially these massive electronic jam sessions, selected, filtered and arranged for your optimal listening pleasure. The next step is to take these sounds out of the comforting environment of smoky, dim light bedrooms, and into the spotlight, onto the stage, in front of an audience. They drink their coffee black, short, no sugar.


Listen Audio Previews For Upcoming Release Here

HERRMUTT LOBBY Myspace Profile

BRETZEL ZOO Myspace Profile



BlipVert is the moniker for Oakland, California based composer/instrumentalist Will Redmond. Will has been creating and performing his own brand of electronic music all over the greater U.S. Will has performed and collaborated with Elliott Sharp, the Ruins, Phillip Johnston, Ron Anderson, the Molecules, and Eyvind Kang to name a few.Will’s BlipVert releases, Triple Acid Foot (RA Sounds), and skr(ep) (Trixy) throw the listener into a world of twisted soundscapes, experimental noise structures, and intense fractured dancefloor rhythms. In a live setting, Will delivers intense high-energy performances that involve completely altering the music through the use of samplers, vocoders, and air effects modules. BlipVert has been reviewed as:

“part glitch-core, part noise, and yet even has this dorm/indie rock thing going on too…a clever masterpiece..” ( – Editor’s Pick)

hyper aggressive techno that barrels along full speed into noise territory”. (Ear Rational Music)
“Twisted, warped drum machines and strange samples squished through the sonic blender…This sounds like it was done on an old tape recorder, splicing tape, going backwards and forwards at different speeds, the way Zappa used to do it..”(NYC Downtown Music Gallery – Triple Acid Foot – Best of 2004)


BLIPVERT Myspace Profile



Dimlite is the main alias of musician/producer Dimitri Grimm, born 1980 in a tiny village in Switzerland, currently residing in Switzerland’s capital, Bern. With his dad being a casual multi-instrumentalist and his grandfather a contemporary classical composer, the apple hadn’t had a big chance to fall far from the tree. His music, a free-spirited blend of booming beats (which often switch direction and tempo several times within the same track), incredibly edited samples, self-made sounds, a distinctive use of voices and effects, minimalism taking turns with florid harmonization paired with twisted synthesizer swirls and solos, debunks him as a musical neighbour of artists the likes of Mathew Herbert, Jay Dee, Super Collider, Prefuse 73 and Dabrye. After releasing a first EP («A/DD», 2003) and two albums («Runbox Weathers», 2005 & «This Is Embracing», 2006) on Berlin label Sonar Kollektiv and occasional touring with his liveproject he is currently working on the third full-lenght, which will see light of day in 2008. Links:

DIMLITE Myspace Profile



VERVUE is an artist/VJ performing in a live setting. He works with a sand drawing table, on wich he creates his drawings and images. These are then filmed and projected on a (big) screen. His art is being created on-the-spot, and therefore completely live. The best way to describe his style would be something like ‘constantly-evolving psychedelic imagery’, based on a cartoon/giger/trip-art style of drawing. His sets vary from anything between 30 minutes and a few hours. During these sets he draws to the music provided or he brings his own music (as he’s also a musician and dj). Vervue has an extensive background in graffiti, design and skulpturing.


Watch Video Flyer For Tour Here

Vervue Myspace Profile


Pete Concrete

DJ/producer/label-owner & promotor with a broad taste for all sorts of electronics. Started DJ-ing at the age of fourteen, initially greatly inspired by early Detroit techno, acidhouse, hiphop and the Manchester scene. Soon got involved in organising parties, started the influential Mononom collective with his friends and founded the Mononom label on which he released his first tracks.

Known for his eclectic taste, Pete Concrete is constantly trying to stretch the boundaries of modern electronics, incorparating any style that catches his attention, be it psychedelics, dub, tekno, ambient, jazz, industrial, hiphop or otherwise. Today he’s running his Eat Concrete label for releasing own productions using several monikers, as well as music made by friends and likeminded musicians worldwide. Besides playing parties and building the Eat Concrete label he is hosting radio shows for Samurai FM, Radio Banzai and delivers guest appearances for radioshows around the globe.


Listen To Latest Samurai FM Mix Here

Pete Concrete Myspace Profile


Fre2k //
(NL) DJ:

Evan Odd //
(NL) DJ:

ATeeze // (NL) DJ:

Subsander // (NL) DJ:

Lost Homeboy 2.0
// (NL) DJ:


:: January 23 ::

Herrmutt Lobby
Pete Concrete

Club Ciccionina

:: January 30 ::

Bretzel Zoo
Pete Concrete


:: January 31 ::

Herrmutt Lobby
Pete Concrete

Kultuurhuis Bosch

:: February 4 ::

Herrmutt Lobby
Pete Concrete


:: February 5 ::

Herrmutt Lobby
Pete Concrete
Evan Odd

Smart Project Space

:: February 6 ::

Bretzel Zoo
Pete Concrete
The Lost Homeboy 2.0
Evan Odd


:: February 12 ::

Official Release: Herrmutt Lobby – Bassfudge Powerscones
( EAT010)

:: February 28 ::

Eat Concrete DJ’s

Den Bosch


For more info & music, please visit:


Industrial, power noise, breakbeat, EBM, soundscape: een kleine bloemlezing uit de stijlen die The Peoples Republic Of Europe in haar muziek verwerkt. Wat dat in de praktijk betekent? Een loodzware, in distortion gedrenkte versie van spijkerharde industrial in een bijna beangstigend doorbeukende, machinale vierkwartsmaat. Achterliggende en in de muziek doorklinkende filosofie kan worden omschreven als nihilistisch en inktzwart, maar voornamelijk hard, harder, hardst! Dat dit een succesformule is moge duidelijk zijn aangezien deze act al sinds 2000 bestaat en talloze optredens achter de rug heeft, onder andere op Summer Darkness.
Eerder deze avond zal “goetheanistische Tonkunstgesellschaft Schwarzblut” het podium van JV Unitas doen kraken onder hun mix van duistere electro, industrial en EBM. Schwarzblut onderscheidt zich van andere acts in deze scene door onder andere de klassiek aandoende vocalen van zangeres Angèlika en teksten die rechtstreeks afkomstig zijn uit werk Goethe, Rückert en Tieck.
Verder wordt er deze avond gedraaid door DJ´s FritZ en Distorted Boy, die ervoor zorgen dat je voor, tussen en na de optredens lekker kan dansen.


(We Are) the Noise Generation! 04-04-09 Rotterdam


Electronic Diseases & Baroeg presents:

A loud & dark electronic noisefest

6 Ant Zen acts live on stage!

(Technoid Industrial, D)
(Tribal Industrial, D)
(Rhythmic Powernoise, D)
(Rhythmic Technoise, D)
(Rhythmic Noise & Breaks, B)
(Rhytmic Noise / Industrial, D)

DJ’s: DavidK (STORM) Argantonis (STORM) & CNFSD (Cenobytes)

Doors open: 19.00 h
First act on stage: 20.00 h
Doors closed: 04.00 h
Damage: 12 euro (free earplugs for the first 50 visitors!)
Presale: see

Spinozaweg 300


Together with Whatspace, ZXZW organizes a series of evenings drenched in tequila, oysters, art and music. And not in that specific order. These evenings will emerge all over 2009 in different cities in Europe. ZXZW will deliver the earcandy, Whatspace the eyecandy.
The first Whatbar will open in Tilburg on the 23th of January. Here’s the full line up:

Sculptures by Remco Torenbosch
All round entertainer John’s onemanshowband: the oldtimer
Shirtdesigns by Michiel Schuurmans
Soundart by V/Vm
Cool hip-hop by Jack the Rapper
And a movie from Pacome Beru en Samir Mougas

23th January 2009 @ NS16
NS plein 16 Tilburg (NL)
doors open @ 20:00h

More info:…at01_07_vvm.mp3…at02_05_vvm.mp3…mt10_01_vvm.mp3…mt20_01_vvm.mp3






Jack The Rapper

Amen Warfare presents

Nick & Ana’s Birthday Bash!

“Come and join us for our 30th Birthday Bash at Club Bazart, Den Haag. For this edition we’ve invited some special friends to keep your headz bangin and booties shakin till the break of dawn!
Once again we’ve put together another quality line up with international dj’s and live-acts bringin you pure fiyah pon di floor…Expect a good variety of ragga-jungle, dark drum&bass and breakcore from our dj’s, selectors and live acts for the night!!! ”

We proudly present:

Belgian’s Finest Jungle Queens

Lady Lite & MC Mary jane (3:RTHQUAKE, BE)

Belgian’s Upcoming Raggacore Raver

Mr Bad Monkey (Break6tem, Bomba Cut Recs, BE)

Dark Drum & Core Specialist from Dordrecht

Charly Linch (Mindtrick Recs)

Badboy Break & Raggacore DJ from Arnhem

King Pin (Not Your Monkey, Not Your Robot)

Special 30th Birthday Boy Jungle DJ set

JungleFever (Amen Warfare, Bomba Cut Recs)

Ruff & Rugged Amen Soldier

Rob Raider (Amen Warfare)

Rotterdam Rudebwoy

Assassin MC (Wreck Havoc)

Crazy Visual Team

Pixelshift & Rash1981 VJ’s

Find dem on myspace:
Lady Lite & Mary Jane
Mr Bad Monkey
Charly Linch
King Pin
Rob Raider

Place to be:

Club Bazart
Loosduinsekade 725
2571 CZ Den Haag

When: 28 February 2009

Damage: 5,-

Start: 23:00-05:00

Woeha! Zaterdag 7 februari aanvang 21:00 uur in de Worm Wevie Stonder!!

Wevie Stonder
Wevie Stonder Myspace