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13 + 14 Februari Stubnitz Amsterdam.
22.00 – 05.00

Hosted By:

Acid Anonymous
Hit N Run
Proces Kabaal

Friday 13-02:

Room 1: Acid, Tekno & Core
– Phantomlab (Acid Anonymous)
– Rinse (Acid Anonymous)
– Rick Angel (Zodiak Commune)
– DJ Bor (Unix, Zodiak Commune)
– Spkrfrkr (Acid Anonymous)
– Li-Z (Acid Anonymous)

Room 2: Dubstep, DnB & Breakcore
Op volgorde van spelen
– Skyfall (HnR)
– Brutuzz (Conflict)
– Ftotd (Mononom)
– Deadpool (HnR)
– WII (HnR)
– Capslock (Ketacore)
– King Pin (NYMNYR)

Saturday 14-02:

Room 1: Acid, Tekno & Core
– Annet (Mononom)
– Sonny (Acid Anonymous)
– Proces Kabaal DJ Team
– Ernesto (Acid Anonymous)
– Da Real Riders (Switch)

Room 2: Underground Hardcore & More
Op volgorde van spelen
– D-Cursed b2b Spastic-T (HnR)
– Quid Pro Quo (HnR)
– WII (HnR)
– Proces Kabaal DJ Team
– Emission (Mindustries)
– Stefan (ZMK)
– Triqo (Neurotic Waste)

Kosten € 3,- Per Nacht


  1. NICE!!!! represent represent.. XOKO will be there… KB will shake the floor 😀

  2. i’m french and i want to come since i will be in amsterdam the 14 february 2009, but where is it in amsterdam? do someone can post a link with a plan or just the adress?? many thanks!

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