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Exact location T.B.A. on on the 13th/14th. Expect a bike-ride of 10 minutes from CS Groningen. Also reachable by car/foot ofcourse Razz

Line-up Beats area:


Line-up Breaks area:

23:00 Crappymeal ; Drum & bass (live) [Groningen]
00:00 Rofloff ; Raggea Jungle [Groningen]
01:00 Da.tist ; Breakcore, Jungle [Zwolle]
02:00 Ortobox ; Breakcore, Jungle [Zwolle]
03:00 Klemtoon ; Breakcore, Jungle (live) [Zwolle]
04:00 Bisnezz ; Drum & Bass [Lelystad]
05:00 Tex-nd ; Drum & Bass [Groningen]
06:00 Crappymeal ; Drum & Bass (live) [Groningen]
07:00 Roofless ; Jungle, Drum & Bass, 8 bit [Groningen]
08:00 Rofloff ; BeatsnbreaksoneyearMashup [Groningen]


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