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Day Of The Droids 13!! Bcn!!GFB+Moshpit+Rioteer…..

Yeh yeh yeh!!!!! New party destroy!

DOTD13 – Estraperlo Club – Barcelona!

GABBA FRONT BERLIN (Restroom Recs) Ge — Hardcore/Speedcore Masters!!
MOSHPIT (Industrial Strengh) Fr — Punk’n bass trio murderers!
RIOTEER (Crackbeats Recs) Ndl — Breakcore massive from tilburg!
MEKOK (HongKong Violence) Bcn — Akira’s friend destroy&arise!
DEVONER (DOTD Recs) Venezuela — Cumbia meets breakcore!! Latincore!
NARCOPSY (DOTD) Bcn — Like bulldozer on crack! Breaks and grindcore!
AUTOPSY PROTOCOL (DOTD) Bdn — Napalm death becomes breakcore!!
HAEMOPHAGIA (Phatological Explicit Recs) Bcn — Brutal slamming death from hell!
PESTA PORCINA (Hecatombe Recs) Bcn — Porno Gore Grindcore tipical from catalonia!


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