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MuSick presents:

Igneon System B-Day
Belgium Insanity Tour
night full with break/hardcore
Belgium 4 Oct. “008
Powered by Nekrolog1K and Insanity Belgium Tour



I:gor Live (Deathchant, Nekrolog1k, Strike, Pacemaker,) (PL)
Infared live (Scare Tactics, Mutilated distortion)(UK)
Homeboy (Nekrolog1K, Terrornoize industry, Ak-industry) (PT])
Mayhem Live (Nekrolog1K, Noize factory , Ak-industry) (CH])
Igneon system Live (Nekrolog1k , elektrokut,Pandemonium) (BE)
Sickboy Live (Tigerbeat6, Peace Off, Wood) (BE)
Droon Live (Breakcore gives me Wood) (BE)
Tripped live (b2k,elektrokut,cheezegraterz,..) (BE)
Subversa Live (Striking wave, Pro-tek) (BE)
Intergalactik Purifier Live (Striking wave, Pro-tek, cheeze graterz) (BE)
Kaboz Live (Drumadix) (BE)
D-AQ:SED Live (mpm, Noisy bastards, YllogYk – be) (BE)
K-os (bug klinik, apparatus) (BE)
Wan Bushi live (Bankizz) (BE)
Ozwald Live (Bankizz Vicious connexion fuckin beat) (BE)
Dcdent Live (corrosion) (BE)
Droid 1 (kamikaze) (BE)
treetrone (BE)

Suffering Visuals by Master Disaster / NeverQuiet Prod

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