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hardcore//breakcore all night long……..


first gig in belgium ! ! !

RAW STATE (strike records DE )

Techdiff (allergy records UK)

Ely muff (Headfuk Records UK)

DuranDuranDuran (cock rock disco US)

Hard off (v/vm test records AUS)

E.r.c vs Mkl (peace off FR)

DJ Totschläger (Totschlag Records DE)

Sickboy (vvood)

Mr.Orange (abused recordingz)

massiv recordstand supported by !ntense recordshop

from 21u till 08u

@ jk paddestoel , groot bijgaarden

COME EARLY LEAVE LATE GET WASTED ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

One Comment

  1. o0.
    Raw state!!
    and ofc ely, Duran^3, and sickboi

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