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Kansas City’s Rave revitalist Murderbot continues his European Tour, touching down for his debut Notingham performance. Renowned for his dancefloor, heavy drum patterned Ragga Jungle and forward thinking Dubstep. Murderbot also produces neo-rave sleazepop, ghettotech and Speedgarage for his record label Sleazetone.

Joining us once again is Wrong Music’s heavy bassline fanatic Ebola. Best known for intense, immaculately produced Breakcore and brutal, rhymic Dubstep. A Lobotomy veteran that never fails to please.

Dj Floorclearer
Well known for his viciously mashed up Amens and a moody, unique style of Breakcore, Floorclearer has recently taken a break from the norm and is currently formulating a different style focusing on Jungle and slower paced original beats. Something to look forward to!

Lobotomy returns for the Autumn Season ready to pick up from where it left off, bringing you a fun-loving, free-party atmosphere alongside hard, cutting edge dance music.
This month we ask that you come prepared for a Robin Hood Medieval Rave, which means Wenches, Woodsman and Friars galore (Please no replica Swords). 2 Tickets for our October 18th All nighter at the Garvey will be given to the person with the most imaginative costume.

Bring what you expect to find and don’t forget to bring a towel!

Blueprint Club, 509-511 Alfreton Road, Bobbersmill, Nottingham, NG7 5NH

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  1. Judith Priest now added to the lineup!

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