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Sir Duperman (NO)

Jørgen Traen aka Sir Dupermann is known as the Norwegian super producer (producer for among others Jaga Jazzist, Magnet and Sondre Lerche) and and the man behind the Duper Studio (home of Røyksopp, Kings of Convenience, Jaga Jazzist et. al.). After years with hard production work he deceided to finally concentrate on his own music, and finish the longtime work with his debut album. Smalltown Supersound heard 2 tracks of his pre-production recordings, and was blown away! The label signed a deal right away. Traen moved to London where he stayed for 6 months producing his self-titeled debut album. The album has become a masterpiece. Out of the wildest chaos of sounds and rythms, Træen has created a pop album. Very compromiseless pop though. But even though his soundworld may sound chaotic, it is also very structured, detailed and complex. Træen has managed to turn chaos into beauty. With his fantastic production skills and his arsenal of machines, he has created an organic and warm sound, and a soundworld all of his own. ”Sir Dupermann” is a mastodon of an album; mindblowing, different, timeless and truly orginal.Træen`s rich and diverse sound is a result of his involvement with lots of different projects and scenes, both as a producer and as an artist. He has worked with everything from harsh noise, contemporary music and grim black metal to pure pop and electronic music.The album mixes elements from Cornelius`s and Plaid`s electropop, Fennesz` and Jim O`Rourke`s abstract electronics, the European free-jazz tradition of Derek Bailey and Evan Parker, sound effects from cartoons and movies, Aphex Twin, Lou Reed`s “Metal Machine Music”, the avantgarde sound of Karlheinz Stockhausen and John Cage, Q-Berts turntableism, Luc Ferrari`s musique concrete, Kid 606s electronic punk, Merzbow`s digital noise and the micro/click-scene around Mille Plateaux. Everything performed with the unpretentious attitude of punk rock. ”Sir Dupermann” is wild, beautiful and obsessive!

Golden Serenades (NO)

Jørgen Træen and John Hegre (of Jazzkammer) founded The Golden Serenades project in 1999. Dense, harsh noise and electronic influences rock that will shatter your senses…

Toy (NO)

Toy is an electronic duo formed by UK composer Alisdair Stirling and producer Jorgen Traeen from Bergen, Norway. Toy’s playful tunes mix kids TV (Pingu, Radiophonic Workshop) and Japanese style electronica (YMO and Cornelius) with a touch of Scandinavian electro weirdness. They also manage to combine a flavour of incidental/elevator music with beats and grooves to create infectious pop.

Stirling is behind the Bergen pop workshop/collective ‘House of Hiss’, working with Bergen producers The Sensible Twins (Hans Petter Gundersen and Kato Adland) which released ‘Holland Park/Sugar Shoop’ seven inch vinyl on New Records last year. Traeen is a well know producer who among others has produced Sondre Lerche, Magnet and Jaga Jazzist.He also has his own solo project Sir Dupermann on Smalltown Supersound.

John Hegre (NO)

John Hegre is half of Jazzkammer and an esthablished solo artist in his own right. Noise, drones and experimental electronics from up north…

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