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Daily Archives: August 23rd, 2007

Saturday August 30 2008
Madison WI USA

A night of Hardcore / Breakcore / Psonic Psychosis
brought to you by No Room For Talent


MARK N – Bloody Fist / Nasenbluten // Melbourne, Australia
BASECK vs DYNASTY: 2 x 4 – Darkmatter Soundsystem // LA
ABELCAIN – Zhark / Low Res / Addict // Madison
DJ FISHEAD – Northern Hardcorps // Montreal
UNIBOMBER – Distort Records // Des Plaines
PROMETHEUS BURNING – Hive / Thac0 // Pittsburgh
IN BROKEN KEY – No Room For Talent // Akron
SLUTMACHINE – Zhark / No Room For Talent // Minneapolis
DJ ANONYMOUS – Addict / Anonymous // Madison
SPLIT HORIZON – Void / Void Tactical Media / From the Gut // Detroit

Schizophrenia 3 takes place in Madison, WI
Specific venue location to be announced the day of the event.
More info at [schizophrenia]. c8. com and 800-393-1469


Aug 23 Sat: NEW YORK NY: []
Aug 30 Sat: MADISON WI: []
Sep 5 Fri: BOSTON MA: []
Sep 6 Sat: PITTSBURGH PA: []
Sep 10 Wed: DENVER CO: []
Sep 12 Fri: SAN FRANCISCO CA: []
Sep 13 Sat: LOS ANGELES CA: []

Teen Suicide Records presents….

‘Ardcore, you know the score…

Friday, September 12…

MARK N. [Bloody Fist, Noisexchange – Australia] New South Wales’ DMC champ will be making his first appearance in the Bay Area EVER. One third of the legendary Nasenbluten, owner of Bloody Fist records, aka Overvcast, scratch DJ supreme; Mark will be bringing it.

TRAFFIK [Disturbance – UK]: Out of self-imposed for only TWO shows, Traffik returns. Traffik has produced so many classic reccords, it’s hard to know where to start. His departure left many a hardcore fan teary-eyed (the last time he played in California was in 2000!), but he has promised to make up for it.

FIEND [Sadistic, Industrial Strength – LA]: Speaking of long absences, Steve Fiend has been MIA from the Bay since 2004 when he headlined the hardcore room at the Otherworld NYE party. Since then, Fiend has been busy putting out records and establishing himself as one of the top hardcore producers in America. In the last two years, he’s put out records in Industrial Strength, Pacemaker and on his label Sadistic.

666GANGSTAZ [Teen Suicide, 5lowershop – SF] futuristic hardcore that hits your head but still forces you to move your feet. His long awaited Teen Suicide record will be dropping for mass consumption at this party. BUY BUY BUY!

Nakedslice [Otherworld, Renegade Virus – Oak] RARE HARDCORE SET. C’mon, you know he’s the shit.

IG 88 [Teen Suicide – Oak] Ever since dropping the “Sucka Free Mash Up” track on the first Teen Suicide, people have wondered “who is IG 88?” Well the secret is revealed (in case you were too lazy to look up discogs. com) and IG 88 is actually Victor Vankmen (aka H-Rock) and Teen Suicide’s lazy ass owner rtype. They will be dropping a live set together for the first time ever. Expect LA Dream Team meets Egyptian Lover thrown in a blender with Nasenbluten and Hellfish. Any questions?

San Francisco location. 10 pm – ????