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Daily Archives: August 31st, 2007

Live @ The Hexagon

New York and Philadelphia chip-related assault teams converge upon Baltimore on Saturday September 13th, at The Hexagon.

Bit Shifter, Bubblyfish, Glomag, noteNdo, Nullsleep

NO CARRIER, noteNdo, Voltage Controlled

2008 09 13  |  Sa  |  2100 EDT
The Hexagon  |
1825 N. Charles Street
Baltimore MD 21201

artists: Bit Shifter, Bubblyfish, Glomag, NO CARRIER, noteNdo, Nullsleep, Voltage Controlled
venue: The Hexagon, 1825 N. Charles Street, Baltimore MD, 21201, U.S.A.
start: 9:00 PM
fee: $10.00
more info: