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WORM – Achterhaven 148, Rotterdam
doors: 20:30h
damage: 12 euro (reservations recommended)

We’re approx. 99,7 % sure that this gig will be amongst the absolute
highlights of 2008. To the day almost one year ago, SC3 would, after their
performance at John Zorn’s Masada Festival in Milan, visit Rotterdam. For
logistical reasons the gig was cancelled. But finally, imperator Trey
(in most cases unfortunately only known as the mastermind behind the
expired Mr. Bungle) and his virtuoso disciples  will be performing as a
sevenheaded Ueber-band at the WORM.venue. The masterful music of SC3 can be,
although unsatisfactory, quickly described as a genius cross-over between
multiple styles of music, adapting indigenous music from the Middle East,
Surf, Rembetika, blasphemous Metal and the work (filmscores) by composers
like Rahul Dev Burman, Ananda Shankar, Ernest Gold… SC3 is going to score
massively. You snooze, you lose!!!

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