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DTRASH112 VXXXK (USA) / Coma-Lube
-A crumbling inferno of dark noisescapes narrated by negative robotic diatribes of terror. VXXXK (ex VENOM8888) dishes out his first serving of his new project – you’ve been warned!

-Crushing waves of blissful distortion poison this politically charged bombardment of Russian digital hardcore in CLONING EXPERIMENT – This D-TRASH release pays tribute to the legacy of this now defunct underground gem!

DTRASH110 HYPERDRIVER (UK) / Naked Aggression
-Steve HYPERDRIVER hits with his umpteenth album for the dhc underground, and #2 for D-TRASH. On this one, he reaches straight for the distortion pedal and cranks it out dirrrty, a feast of rhythmic noise-y techno. Featuring the epic 20 minute title track and a bonus DVD with 4 music videos of songs from the disc.

DTRASH109 MATAMACHETE (Switzerland) / Tanin No Kao
-Punishing straight-up industrial metal with thick and heavy guitar riffs, with dual vocal yells over top of a squelching and slithering layer of noise and electronics. This will kick you and your mother’s asses all over into next Tuesday! Catch the new wicked video for “Greed” on the D-Trash site.

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