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Daily Archives: July 9th, 2008


Label: Vatican Analog
Catalog: VA101
Format: CD, Album
Country: Netherlands
Release date: 05 Jun 2008

1. Terezin [7:36]
2. Dzido [11:20]
3. Exhibition [10:56]
4. Geigercounting [3:10]
5. Boryspol [16:38]

Total: 49:40 min

more info:

Wouter Jaspers / Franz Fjödor

Two new Bedroom Research releases
are now online and ready to be freely downloaded on


DINO FELIPE – Personality Crisis (BR021)

Personality Crisis…this illustrates pretty well what’s going on here. The litlle big microsound master Dino Felipe, one of the problem child of the famous Schematic label, is making his first release on Bedroom Research with some tracks that are a bit like browsing Am radio in search of some underground rock, newwave or experimental folk stations. 8 rounds of square poppy beats fighting against interferences on a surrealist battlefield, with entracts assured by some beautifull and immersive abstract melodies. In one word : FREESTYLE.
For us it’s one of Dino’s best work but anyway you’ll say we are not objective.So, go get it and make an idea by yourself !

Artwork by Nada

Mastering by Deework


ProOt Records and Bedroom Research are proud to present together the summer release:

THIAZ ITCH – Binjoum (PRT005-BR022)

Who said there’s no such things as a free lunch ?
Bedroom Research, Proot and Thiaz Itch give you the complete course for free and don’t forget the apperitive. This new Thiaz Itch LP is a delightful bittersweet cocktail that comes on point for summer times. An avalanche of unexpected associations of sounds arranged with a great sense of humour and tones. Bursts of mandoline, maladjusted vocals, calypso, space age pop, dada collage, coconuts and bikinis are in the Menu.
shake it, serve and VOILA !

Artwork by Virginie Will (misma)

All tracks and mastering by Thiaz Itch

…soon available on CD and vinyl…

Animosity & Drumcorps – Altered Beast
etched & foil stamped 10″ vinyl out August 1st 2008
pre-orders up now at

Thin Retro God
A Profit on Greediness
Mobs Over, Rob Me

Recorded by Animosity at Godcity Studios with Kurt Ballou in March 2007
Remixed by Drumcorps in July-Oct 2007 and mastered by Lupo @ D&M
Artwork by John Lause. Limited to 1000 copies

Vinyl Configurations:
100 – ‘Birthday Cake’: Cokebottle Green Vinyl w/ White, Pink, Electric Blue, Purple, Tan, & Gold Splatter; Hand screened and letterpressed jackets, pre-order only!
200 – ‘Cupcake’: Cokebottle Green Vinyl w/ White, Pink & Electric Blue Splatter
300 – ‘Wealthy Eggplant’: Cokebottle Green Vinyl w/ Purple, Tan, & Gold Splatter
400 – ‘Moldy Cheese’: Half & Half Cokebottle Green Vinyl & White Vinyl