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Low Bitrate Netlabel catering to:
Noise, Gabber, Acid, Chip, etc.
check this!
FP-09 Bankie Phones – It Takes A Village, People
909 thug, Bankie Phones is watching you grind to his sample heavy jams. A little bit of everything to get you hard.
FP09_-_Bankie Phones – It Takes A Village, People
16.3mb ZIP [62kb VBR MP3] x 2
FP-08 Overthruster – Lakefield Minnesota
Overthruster, champion of low fidelity breakcore comes harder to fuck you again with some of of the most brutal shit you could imagine.
FP08_-_Overthruster_-_Lakefield Minnesota
19.2mb ZIP [56kb VBR MP3] x 7
FP-07 Autopsy Protocol – Rhabdophobian Mix
12 minute track marking the best of what was originally a 40 minute live set,touching on gabber, hardcore, insdustrial and breakcore. Spain’s AUTOPSY PROTOCOL shows why everyone is all over him recently. also includes some of the biggest, most kick ass low bitrate artwork i’d ever want to touch.
11.8mb ZIP [96kb VBR MP3] x 1
FP-06 Robert Inhuman – DIYdestructHARDCORE 2006
pushing on 20 minutes of intense HARDCORE INDUSTRIAL GABBER. Robert Inhuman, leader of REALICIDE YOUTH RECORDS out of Cincinatti, Ohio knows how to throb beats in his DIYdestructHARDCORE 2006.


7.58mb ZIP [46kb VBR MP3] x 4

FP-05 Toiletooth – Gnomes When You’re Old
Talented instrumental artist and rapper TOILETOOTH [another one from minneapolis!] shows us his innermost secrets in GNOMES WHEN YOU’RE OLD. bigger than your gnomes with nine songs and even more mb than i can count but worth the guts.

13.1mb ZIP [56kb VBR MP3] x 9
FP-04 Lovechoad – Seksation
Showcased here with this minneapolis artist’s newest release of eight songs, Seksation, the outstanding top 40 talent of DJ Lovechoad is full of romance and anguish. plunderphonix for your girlfriends.

10.5mb ZIP [40kb VBR MP3] x 8
FP-03 Overthruster – Agonizer
Overthruster, the anal beethoven, global leader in agression and north american hardcore visits with thick beats across three recordings of hardness.

6.14mb ZIP [70kb VBR MP3] x 3

FP-02 k9d – needBe
master the k9d, comes to us bringing two tracks – one a sensitive work on the new LilGP tracker, the second an intense work using the gameboy.

5.82mb ZIP [80kbps MP3] x 2

Returning for the first release on his FASHION PROOF net label, THE TIMEHEATER brings three tracks of jittery gameboy to you from the scenic NEW ENGLAND.

3.18mb ZIP [48kbps MP3] x 3

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