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The Massacre (Terrornoize Industry, CH)
De Vrolijke Gabberfederatie
Enkidu vs X&trick (live)
K-os vs Diathroda
Monorf vs Circumflex

HOLLAND ROOM: (all acts from Holland)

FFF (Planet Mu, Wreck Havoc) live
Assasin (Wreck Havoc)
Thye (Wreck Havoc)
Capslock (Wreck Havoc, Ketacore)
King Pin (Nymnyr)
Bart Hard (Nymnyr)
Xanaxsax (Nymnyr)
Puke Brigade (Vatican Analog)
Ex.Zero (Abnormaal)

26/07/2008 Frontline / Steegske : GENT / BELGIË




King Pin

FFF & MC Assassin



Bart Hard

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