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Fuckparade 2007 DVD [2008]

Category: Video

Posted: 2008-07-28 10:44

Fuckparade 2007 DVD [2008]

It’s a 2 hour documentation of Fuckparade 2007, the tenth fuckparade already.
This DVD is released by a small underground label.
That doesn’t say anything at all of course. But it could explain the bad quality in pressings from time to time on the DVD. So there are some cracks ans skips here and there that aren’t our fault. It’s the dvd itself.

01 Frankfurter Tor (11:14)
02 Strausberger Platz (17:03)
03 Kopenicker Strasse (33:24)
04 Engeldamm (23:24)
05 Tankstelle Muhlenstrasse (13:51)
06 Warschauer Strasse (23:11)

or list (replace rpdshre with rapidshare)

Thanks to LKE

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