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proud to announce our second release, the debut album of BLACKFILM! ( )

BLACKFILM (HU) – “Blackfilm” CD
AVAILABLE NOW from Spectraliquid!


Hiding his face as well as his real name, even more interesting questions arise when somebody attempts to get into Blackfilm’s complicated music structures. Starting off in a somewhat soundtrack perspective, Blackfilm slowly builds up an incredibly dark environment, in which fearsome ambiences co-exist with film-noir references. Evolving from downtempo electronic music to orchestral paroxysms and, insanely, passing from down-pitched nothingness to frozen urban landscapes, it becomes inevitable to resist. Let yourself sink in the abyss…This second release, carrying the same title with the composer’s name, is the very first full-length album of this incredibly talented artist who experts in combining modern day electronic music with classical music references, while remaining absolutely original.

Highly recommended for those who enjoy acts such as Amon Tobin, Portishead, FSOL as well as intelligent dark electronic music.

Where to get your copy:

1) Visit the webshop at: and order via paypal.
2) Send an e-mail at:
3) Send a message on myspace:
4) Postal Cheque / Bank Account – email at: for more info.


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