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Monthly Archives: August 2008

Fresh Beats & Breaks for your ears. That means talking about NWS.005. This time we’ve compiled the record with a great variable mix of electronica. From the dreamy IDM beats of the Belgium Cornflex till death punishment of Headache’s Finnish Harsh Breaks. Performing on this record are Fracture 4, Mez, Headache, Supply Module & Cornflex. So, on paper it has to be good than right? Well, please check out the previews at the dicography and get convinced. Available approximately mid September.


A1 Cornflex – Medioker 2
A2 Mez – Milk & Children
A3 Headache – Shame on You
B1 Fracture 4 – Re-Motional Turbulence
B2 Supply Module – Deliberately Eliminating All Options


Neurotic Waste Podcast .04 DBN [August 2008]
length: 60.00 min

1. Illusionconsumer – Hopelessness Emphasized [Zero71 Recordings Z71.CD.002]
2. The DJ Producer – Pestilance Eterna [The Third Movement T3RDM 0065]
3. Ritchie Gambino – Evil Is In All Of Us [Hong Kong Violence HKVZ003]
4. Bong-ra – Spiegeltje Met Lijntjes [Sublight Records SLR1202]
5. Deathmachine – Invalid Concept [Unrealeased]
6. Micron – oxygen [Irrational Impulses II_002]
7. DBN – ???????? [Unrealeased]
8. DBN – Funk Power! [DBN Vision DVSN.001]
9. Enduser – Return of the Smack [Mirex mirex_C 4]
10. Pete IDM – Dancefloorfriction (FFF remix) [Neurotic Waste NWS.003]
11. Unsane Virusez – How Many People Must Die For Your God [Hardliner Recordings HLR006]
12. DBN – R(aw) ‘n B(eat it) [DBN Vision DVSN.001]
13. Tugie – Unbelievable Kicks [Deathchant 53]
14. DBN – Mes Anges [Neurotic Waste NWS.001]
15. I:Gor – Pump it Up [STRIKE 038]
16 Ladyscraper – Reparcsydal (Mabel Of Filth Mix) [Deathchant 55]
17. DBN – Open Your Mind For Red-Yellow-Green Mankind [Neurotic Waste NWS.004]
18. The DJ Producer – Christina Gets It (R_aw Edit) [GGM RAW Records 002]
19. DBN – Decibel Hell [DBN Vision DVSN.001]
20. The Outside Agency – Edited for Content [Born To Kick 015]
21. Hatesphere – Absolution [Steamhammer]
22. Duran Duran Duran – Throat Yogurt [Mutant Sniper MSADV 0.05]
23. Mez – Milk and Children [Neurotic Waste NWS.005]
24. Celsius – Peace of Mind [Epileptik Productions EPK CDACT14]
25. Dead Can Dance – Song of Sophia [Vertigo 836 927-2]


TA014 | Tapage: The Institute Of Random Events

Tapage began as an axe-grinder for a short-lived metal/hip-hop band in the Netherlands. He soon departed from his roots when introduced to tracker programming and began developing electronic beats and fusing guitar with synthetic sounds. It wasn’t long before Tapage started formulating his own style, experimenting with the vast possibilities of electronic sound manipulation.

Inspired by IDM and Breakcore legends like Venetian Snares, Gridlock, and Somatic Responses, as well as Post-Rock and Avant-Garde composers, Tapage continues with his vision to merge complicated, harsh rhythms with dream-like atmospheres to create a unique dynamic that is virtually impossible to ignore.

Now, Tapage joins the ranks of innovative electronic music composers in the Tympanik Audio artist roster to release his debut full-length CD ‘The Institute Of Random Events’.

Combining glitch-tech beats with entrancing atmospheres and serendipitous melodies, ‘The Institute Of Random Events‘ will captivate your awareness and lure you in for a mysterious and complex aural expedition.

A distinctive futuristic vision of electronic music possibilities.

Limited to 333 copies and packaged in a beautifully-designed digipak.


1 Black Tape
2 Lockswitch
3 Shadow Stain
4 Head Cage
5 Skinloop
6 Bloomchild
7 Transatlantic Headroom Tube
8 Dirtwalker
9 Sinkpool
10 Pretend Not To See
11 Cnyspher
12 Acalephs
13 Brain Capacity Overload
14 Much Like A Dream

Available on Compact Disc only August 25th, 2008 from Tympanik Audio.

(different tracks mixed plus promo videos)
(Tapage – Acalephs)
(previews of four tracks of the album)

Sun Ra exhibition

A very diverse and powerful exhibit of SUN RA related and originated artwork, drawings, writings and album covers. First time this collection hits Europe!

Openbare Bibliotheek Tilburg



‘Industrial Thought Patterns’ is the first album released by Mono-Amine on Vendetta Music. You can expect 8 long hypnotizing, distorted, layered and hard driving tracks with the fresh, original and powerful Mono-Amine signature sound. Industrial Thought Patterns is an highly energetic edgy fusion of pure energy, aggression and emotion. The style can be described as no nonsense, no compromise raw power noise with industrial-hardcore, IDM and Teknoid influences.

Unlike average overproduced fluffy albums, Industrial Thought Patterns will hit you pure and raw, straight in the face, body and soul. It should be played at high volume, preferably in a residential area.

Venetian Snares Live in Amsterdam [2004]

Category: Video

Posted: 2008-08-16 10:34

Venetian Snares Live in Amsterdam [2004]

Venetian Snares Live in Amsterdam Recorded from Fabchannel 24.09.2004
Time: 56 min
Size: 268 MB
Format: WMV

3x100mb Rapidshare:

Thanks to SpeedGestort

This is the second release under The Day Of The Droids Recs Netlabel, you can download it from the link below!

Randomatik Blast is a french destructor,he produce a lot of hard breakcore sounds with a noisegrind attaks, nice for have earcrushings!!! Download it now!!!



01 . Padastry
02 . Mindless
03 . Baball Thon
04 . Go One Peppa
05 . Massacre
06 . Seraaf Punjabi
07 . Suspended Animation
08 . Coalmind


more info:


NEXT RELEASES: Break The Silence (Spa) EP,Sonik Karnage(Hol) EP,Breakcore con patatas compilation vol 1 (feat:Dj Floorclearer,Sickboy,Cardopusher,Hecate,Baxter Lilly,Autopsy Protocol,Amph,Narcopsy and so many more!!! if you are interested in participate in it writte us!!)


The streets will be flooded by blood, the bodies from the slain innocent will be devoured by carrion. Cock Rock Disco is unleashing on the world the latest release by Dev/Null. “Necrobestial Sadobreaks” defiles your faith with its brain hungry gore-breaks and grind-filth. Yes, Dev/Null, the whore bastard fueled by the brutality of the world imploded like a mouse in a microwave. Yes, Dev/Null, the pagan sound-warrior to destroy all unholy trends in breakcore in all its guises. Yes, Dev/Null, the cancer eating away at your soul. Yes, Dev/Null the profligacy of everything the world hates, the vile nausea of hatred embodied within sound waves. The corrupt dissolute frenzied power of the sewers, the foul unthinkable knowledge of hidden centuries made real for you, the spoiled generation of irresponsible degenerates weened on the teat of mediocrity, rotten flesh and spite. Now 100% FREE to download! If you like it please tell your friends!


it’s an old mix by Sah Selecter, that he did some years ago. Lot of oldskool uk rave breaks kinda mix take a listen…..


1. android – the prodigy
2. i want you – carl cox
3. rocking down the house – m 17
4. spliffhead – the ragga twins
5. higher – sonz of a loop da loop era
6. charlie – the prodigy
7. mixed truth – the ragga twins
8. ba-da-da-da – m.a.d.
9. searching for my rizzla – the ratpack
10. fire – the prodigy
11. future sound – phuture assasins
12. way in my brain – sl2
13. original bad boy – mad ragga jon
14. everybody in the place – the prodigy
15. do it now – urban shakedown
16. try to love me – manix
17. special request – manix
18. out of space – the prodigy
19. drumbeats – sl2
20. hardcore junglism – manix
21. oh boy – jonny l
22. do it together – sacred
23. too much – ray keith
24. tales from the darkside – tango & ratty