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ein Bild

Recorded @ Whut u call it vol. 4 / LUCERNE!

Kazey and Bulldog, Sandrinho, Glowstyx, Milanese
Mochipet, Bogdan Raczynski, Shitmat, FFF, X&Trick,
Donna Summer, Otto von Schirach, Mathhead,
the Random Bit Generator, Knifehandchop….
….and a lot more!!!!!!

M-Audio Axiom 25, UC 33e, Ableton Live and
a bunch of breakz/ soundz / plug-ins….
…lot of beer, gin tonic…oiiiiioiiiiiOIIIIII!!!


One Comment

  1. Fucking cool! Not too wired but really funny mashup stuff…..I think this was a nice party… 😉

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