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ACP026: Ebola – Brodmann Area

Some wonderfully weird Techno, Dancehall, Ambience, Dubstep and Noise from Wrong Music co-founder Ebola.

In the past he has released music of varying styles, from Grime to Harsh Noise on Wrong Music, Mutant Sniper, Sublight and Proboscus.

Check out his brand spanking new ‘Mutant Dubstep’ EP on Spectraliquid too!

“Skull Pressure is the business. Dutty!”
– Atki2 (Werk/Shadetek)

1. Portland 2CB
2. A.D.D.
3. Happy Nausea
4. Skull Pressure
5. Stan Deyo’s Cosmic Conspiracy
6. Bruxism

download release from acroplane (320kb/s MP3s, 43.1MB) – fastest

download release from (320kb/s MP3s, 48.3MB)


One Comment

  1. Really nice. Benbola, mola!

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