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The streets will be flooded by blood, the bodies from the slain innocent will be devoured by carrion. Cock Rock Disco is unleashing on the world the latest release by Dev/Null. “Necrobestial Sadobreaks” defiles your faith with its brain hungry gore-breaks and grind-filth. Yes, Dev/Null, the whore bastard fueled by the brutality of the world imploded like a mouse in a microwave. Yes, Dev/Null, the pagan sound-warrior to destroy all unholy trends in breakcore in all its guises. Yes, Dev/Null, the cancer eating away at your soul. Yes, Dev/Null the profligacy of everything the world hates, the vile nausea of hatred embodied within sound waves. The corrupt dissolute frenzied power of the sewers, the foul unthinkable knowledge of hidden centuries made real for you, the spoiled generation of irresponsible degenerates weened on the teat of mediocrity, rotten flesh and spite. Now 100% FREE to download! If you like it please tell your friends!


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