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This is the second release under The Day Of The Droids Recs Netlabel, you can download it from the link below!

Randomatik Blast is a french destructor,he produce a lot of hard breakcore sounds with a noisegrind attaks, nice for have earcrushings!!! Download it now!!!



01 . Padastry
02 . Mindless
03 . Baball Thon
04 . Go One Peppa
05 . Massacre
06 . Seraaf Punjabi
07 . Suspended Animation
08 . Coalmind


more info:


NEXT RELEASES: Break The Silence (Spa) EP,Sonik Karnage(Hol) EP,Breakcore con patatas compilation vol 1 (feat:Dj Floorclearer,Sickboy,Cardopusher,Hecate,Baxter Lilly,Autopsy Protocol,Amph,Narcopsy and so many more!!! if you are interested in participate in it writte us!!)


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