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“Fractional is a quiet a quiet young man called Pierre. His music can be qualified as Gothic Erotica I guess, a dark and brooding Electronica with a strong Jungle aftertaste. Pierre literally vomits his brokenbeats and tortures them to submission, waxing them with various bleeps and crackles, smearing almost mystical pads on their bruised bodies”

New album “Come mierda” out 25 June on Brume Records (Fr) with Ep vinyl. Remix by Dj hidden, Cdatakill, Detritus and Disharmony. Video clip by Antonin de Bemels. Artwork by Stf.

Distribution album Come Mierda :

Benelux : Hysterias, cod&s, Timeless network and Lood records.

France : Nuit et brouillard, season of mist and Soundworks

USA/Canada : Metropolis, Storming the base, Angle rec., Geska records and Tik

UK : code 7

Australia : Ground under Production

Japan : Electro-Ohm

Deutschland : Antzen, black rain, nova media, Sx distribution and Ad Noiseam

Switzerland : Totenlicht and Urgence disc

Russia : Monochrome vision

Spain : Politronic and Suburban-Lab

Portugal : Equilibriummusic

Denmark : Braincorp

Slovakia : Av distro


– 4 Prices Verdur Rock 2005

– Boutik rock 2006

– Puredemo contest 2006

– Final of Courscircuit contest Pop-rock 2006

– Boutik Rock 2008


Sai festival Leitrim (Ireland)

Grupo de Arte Global – Sao Paulo (Brasil)

Soundstation – Liège (BE)

Alternation – Paris (Fr)

Boutik rock (Botanique) – Bruxelles (BE)

Verdur Rock – Namur (BE)

Klub Paris (fr)

Langweiligkeit Festival – Den Haag (NL)

Beursschouwburg – Bruxelles (BE)

Kiosk – Lille (Fr)

Zone in Liège (BE)

Zorba – Paris (Fr)

Skipbase – Tienray (Nl)

Sortie 23 festival (BE)

Atelier Rock – Huy (BE)

Empreintes digitales festival Droixhe

Entrepôt – Arlon (BE)

Atelier 210 Bruxelles (BE)

Inside out (Liège)

Jazz Station Bruxelles

Steegske / Frontline Gent (be)

Kiosk Lille (Fr)

ZXZW Festival Tilburg (Nl)

Natura rock Festival Philippeville

La nuit des musées Trélon (Fr)

Magazin 4 Bruxelles

Jazz Station Bruxelles

Relais TYR Bruxelles

Silent block radio session

Ventilot festival (Mons)


Fractional will perform at ZXZW on september 19th at The Shape Of Breakcore 2 Cum, in the Hall Of Fame, Tilburg

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