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Press Release:

CD CAVITY 01  –limited release 250 copies*–

I am setting up a new private cd / dvd label called “Cavity”
the first release is :

Gert-Jan Prins – Cavity

Gert-Jan Prins: electronics, timpani
Recorded & mastered at the Prins Studio, Amsterdam, NL, 2008
Concept & artwork by Gert-Jan Prins
Graphical advice: Bas van Koolwijk, Manel Esparbé i Gasca

It’s an exclusive, handsigned and numbered limited edition, 250 copies.
Prins’ handwork, “geprägte”, and painted cover and cd.

The “background” spirit of this record goes back to my first solo release “Noise Capture”(1998).
I was curious how some of my older self-built electronic instruments would sound now.
In combination with my latest experiments with electronic vacuumtubes and timpani, it led to a more
cooled down work in a niche of my own domain.

Price information (postage included): NL: 15€ , EUROPE 18€ , WORLD 20€
*an extra amount of possibly 25 A.P., artist’s proof copies will be available at a later stage.

Gert-Jan Prins has been known for twenty-one years as one of the most challenging sound artist
in the Netherlands. He is an autodidact who focuses on the sonic and musical qualities of electronic ‘noise’
In his work, Prins makes connections with modern electronic club culture, occupying a radical
position with his investigation of electronic sound and its relationship to the visual.
He also creates links with the performance art and machine art of the 1980s, which reshaped the
legacy of industrial society to produce threatening, yet sometimes also sublime, encounters
with technology.
Recently The Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, NL has expanded the collection with
the installation “Break Before Make: the Cavity version” by Gert-Jan Prins.

Thanks to:
ThuisKopie Fonds, NL
NFPK / Fonds voor de Scheppende Toonkunst, NL

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  1. Where can i get a copy?

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