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Monthly Archives: January 2009



You might know about Boston producer Shuttle from his remix work as Etan for the likes of Daedelus, The Death Set and The Little Ones and his music has been described as ’retro-futuristic with a calm centre offset by rib-loosening bass squelches’. A debut EP called ‘Tunnel’ is on the way through Ninja Tune on March 16th and we’ll have a nice track from that’s features Cadence Weapon next week. For the time being here’s the pretty wonderful ’Vostok 1 Mixtape’ that you should definitely check out after the jump



Label: Outfall Channel, Realicide Youth
Catalog#: SPILL#15, CIDE#51
Format: Vinyl, 7″, 33 ⅓ RPM, Limited Edition
Country: US
Released: 2008
Genre: Electronic, Rock
Style: Thrash, Speedcore
Originally created for Apop Records, when it was never pressed we decided this could be the first vinyl release properly handled by the Realicide label. Each band offers 2 tracks, one being a cover song of the other band. Realicide “The Audience Sucks” and “Army Beta Test” (C.H. cover), featuring merciless speedcore gabber by Vankmen and industrial rock programming by Mavis Concave, with voice and further editing by Robert Inhuman. Capital Hemorrhage “Man Of Steel” (Realicide cover w/ words by Jim Swill) and “Familiar Death”, a bleak and disjointed mix of hardcore and no-wave noiserock by the duo also known for Ultra//Vires, Hentai Lacerator, Often, and their DIY label Outfall Channel. Mastered Weasel Walter. Cover art by Ryan Faris of C.H. and inner sleeve artwork by Ben S. of Saint Louis’ Freezerburn Zine. This record clearly exemplifies 2 sorts of progressive hardcore associated with Realicide Youth Records, and will also serve as the precursor to the upcoming Realicide “Resisting The Viral Self” LP on this label, among other more concentrated releases by bands and artists that do not necessarily share an identical aesthetic, but more importantly find common ground in their ideologies and general methods of seeking dialogue with the world surrounding them… 500 copies, December 2008 by Realicide Youth Records & Outfall Channel Distributors, get in touch about distro rates!


A1 Realicide The Audience Sucks
A2 Realicide Army Beta Test
B1 Capital Hemorrhage Familiar Death
B2 Capital Hemorrhage Man Of Steel

Out soon on cockrockdisco. com


Concord is pure sonic experimentation at its finest, an ambient journey of vibrant soundscapes that tear the very fabric of time & space, taking your ears to places you never thought existed. This release will tap into your emotions, put a smile on your face & help you appreciate the sheer beauty that these 14 artists have crafted.


01: Halogen – Length and Brecht
02: Kearley – Untitled 3
03: Zygadenus – Falling Fog
04: Son Of Akira – Anteater
05: Sasha Borodin – Asleep Next To Emily
06: Chaotic Pulse – Metamorphosis
07: Grids/Units/Planes – Flickering Fluros (This Brittle Night)
08: Hellscion – Mysterium
09: Atoms of an Addict – Maybe If You Just Listen?
10: O-dio – Nebulous Morning
11: Evelon – Segus Degus II
12: Synaecide – Laid To Waste
13: The Get – Sahel
14: ZXYZXY – The World Doesn’t End

Download Here (158mb) 320kbps (

Official Release Page (

Anonymous Series Vol.1
(Praxis 44)
Praxis is back with a 4-track compilation of no compromise breakcore, broken beats and noise, challenging the orientation towards the “artist genius” with a selection of tracks chosen for their quality and not for their marketability – in the format of anonymity. The first of a series of 3 12”s to come out in the next months. Ltd. to 300 copies. Slamming and dangerous, these tracks will act as intensifiers at underground parties worldwide: No stars here….
all tracks can be listened to here:
NOW AVAILABLE for EUR 6.00 plus postage

EXCLUSIVE TO PRAXIS DISTRIBUTION – and now available in the Shop:
icantbelieveyouwereamusicianyougotnosoulbaby 2×12″
(Widerstand 15)
Widerstand is back after a long hiatus finally catching up with releasing some of the pearls that have been waiting to see the light of day for a while. This double 12” by Fanny is his “lost” first album, originally recorded in 1999 and 2000, containing 12 excellent tracks, including one remix by Venetian Snares! Twisted hybrids of classic breakcore and hardcore styles, not to be missed!  (EUR 12.00)

Lots of new stuff has been added to the online store recently, as always check

BM003 – Various Artists – Themeless

Various Artists – Themeless

Format: MP3
Released: 1st of January 2009

Download zipfile (cover included)


Breakcore.NL Music and New Year’s Day meet again! Another free online compilation has arrived! “Themeless” brings you 37 fucking great tracks from breakcore artists from all over the world!


01 – Kodek – Teenage Mutant Breakcore Bastards Kickin Reetaards Into Stomachh And Feeling Prouud Of Itt
02 – Arena – Hectic
03 – Den Chaoot – The Fisherman’s Wife (Keta Remix)
04 – Charly Linch – Pump Up The Sound
05 – Rott In Pieces – Down With The King
06 – Kamerat Tord – Moltebær
07 – Project Serendipity – Left Right Left Right (II)
08 – Microphyst – Disco Biscuits
09 – Main$tream – Shit Anymotha Fuckers Remix 2008
10 – Rubber Muffin – Blood Clat Dat
11 – Alex Tune – Listen To Your Hardcore
12 – Liar’s Rosebush – Blowdarts And Burning Bridges
13 – Siphonaptera – Siphonaptera
14 – Crappymeal – B6
15 – Tha Fruitbat ft. Remy Gonzales – Noise Shaping
16 – Junglefever – Sensicore
17 – Mr Bad Monkey – Jungle-Sound-Clashin’-Core
18 – Nubbin – Just Forget What I Said
19 – The Untitled – My Miserable Days
20 – Producer Snafu – A Vigalante Of God
21 – Mothball Z – The Rise Of Emo
22 – Capslock – Life Is Beautiful
23 – Tha Fruitbat – Total Cunt Troll (Murdasloth Remix)
24 – Dysphemic – Army Of The Apocalypse
25 – Eraplee Noisewall Orchestra – Desperation Speaks
26 – Tex-nd vs. WSicko – Our Goal Is Crossing Lines (On Grass) Because Soccer Sucks Balls
27 – H.M.M.A.H.H.H. – Like Am’rous Birds Of Prey
28 – Slam52 – Frosd
29 – Nano.strike – Ecranoplane
30 – Onken – 8bitbombastic (Onkens Frustrated Mix)
31 – Poelvoorde – Hygiene Requise
32 – Weyheyhey!! – Allow
33 – The Incredible Hexadecibels – Devil Dogs Guarding The Altar
34 – Shanks Pony – All My Freinds R R Soles
35 – Solypsis vs. Hard Off – Beers, Steers and Queers For Fears
36 – Simon – August
37 – Mongreltek – Yours Tragically