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Daily Archives: April 16th, 2009

A great debut release from Autonon, touching on lots of different styles: chiptune, breakcore… some 8bit dubstep… All with an interesting take. The diversity probably reflects Autonon’s musical past, which includes classical piano, punk-rock, metal and singer/songwriter.

  1. Weelderige bloemenpassage
  2. You are very welcome song
  3. If my sweat could talk it would say AA
  4. The Hype
  5. Milan
  6. Dubtones
  7. Chiptune
  8. Numb & Untitled
  9. Couleurs sont faciles à mélanger
  10. Who made me make dub
  11. The nearing computergame death of Enter Your Name Here…
  12. Lovesong