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¥777 miwak twelve. compilation. double cd. june2k9

hymen records celebrates its 12th year of existence with this fine double cd set which includes 33 tracks by 33 projects. artists who (both well known and new to our followers) spotlight hymen records as
things are now. a blend of electronica, breakbeats, dubstep, electro, ambient and much more… enjoy the gush!

packaging: deluxe 6panel gatefold-sleeve
photography & design by salt

tracklist cd1:

the_empath: at the heart of it all *.mp3
slam52: frosd *.mp3
somatic responses: takayama (another rainy day) *.mp3
millipede: concevoir (gaztheque remix by aphorism) *.mp3
defrag: the old growth *.mp3
tonikom: the source *.mp3
nebulo: sunurb *.mp3
deru: between you and me *.mp3
black lung: the hostmen of tyne *.mp3
lowfish: wreckage *.mp3
hpc: phoenix *.mp3
access to arasaka: xt10.20zp9 *.mp3
architect: awake *.mp3
dryft: vector step (elimination) *.mp3
hecq: sleep through the day *.mp3

tracklist cd 2:

combustion: building the house of vanity (feat. caro roth) *.mp3
ginormous: arrive with eyes ablaze *.mp3
snog: the end of the world (intimate mix) *.mp3
crunch: karot (vent remix) *.mp3
mad ep vs. bryce beverlin II: breakstuff *.mp3
keef baker: sacrifice *.mp3
blackfilm: se5 *.mp3
karsten pflum: capstone switch *.mp3
abs6: premiers traitements *.mp3
wisp: the bard (postlude) *.mp3
jerome chassagnard: timeless travelers *.mp3
mika goedrijk: sore eyes *.mp3
marching dynamics: almighty bomb *.mp3
orphx: intercession (edit) *.mp3
bit shifter: easy prey *.mp3
dead hollywood stars: back in town *.mp3
end: jailbait rock *.mp3
twenty knives: royal vomitorium *.mp3

download pressrelease.pdf

the german project THE_EMPATH has been active since 1993 and he has released several cd-rs and various compilation tracks. both calm and powerful, his track is a beautiful introduction to miwak twelve;
melodic electronica with a krautrock feel combined with a pumping, sub-bass beat. SLAM52 is a rising young star, presenting his blend of vicious dubstep, dark amen breaks and industrial mayhem with ‘frosd’.
SOMATIC RESPONSES, from wales, do not require a grand announcement to hymen records – as they have been with us since the beginning; ‘takayama’ combines sharp electro beats with relaxed soundscapes and energetic sequential work. while don hill from chicago has been creating dark ambient music under the moniker porteur de l’image since 1998, he recently formed MILLIPEDE. ‘concevoir’ is a great example for what this project is up to: beat-oriented, dark, harsh idm – a soundtrack for contemplation… watch out for his release on hymen records in autumn 2009! DEFRAG (an acronym of defragmentation) is
active both as a musician and sound designer. his music features elements of jungle, industrial and hard noise. ‘the old growth’ displays powerful breakbeats, mighty pulsing bass and threatening
soundtrackish synth layers – a mesmerizing mixage! TONIKOM’s ‘the source’ features a d’n’b basis enriched with angelic choirs, an exotic theme and well-placed samples – hello! ‘sunurb’ is a captivating dark
ambient piece that only NEBULO can create – thomas p. leads the listener into a parallel world where everything is possible, nothing is real, and everything might happen… DERU is benjamin wynn from los
angeles who has released music with ghostly international, merck, neo ouija, and mille plateaux, amoungst others. his music is best described as an amalgamation of hip-hop, electronica and idm, perfectly
demonstrated on ‘between you and me’. go dance on the volcano, as long as it is not too late! thus spoke david thrussell… ‘the hostman of tyne’ – a heavy distorted electro tune by BLACK LUNG. enjoy, while you
can! LOWFISH, a.k.a. toronto’s gregory de rocher, has released six albums and many singles on some of independent dance music’s most influential labels – he has also charted in north america and is noted
for his punishing sets of live electronics. his clinical production style is both very modern and built on the dna of early new wave/idm. sometimes dark, often melodic and multi-layered. ‘wreckage’ is pure
intelligent electro, fast and impulsive – let go! and keep moving with HPC’s ‘phoenix’, where hard beats are balanced with saturnine ambiance – another great strike from the norwegian project. ACCESS TO
ARASAKA from rochester, n.y. is a one man project who has released several albums in digital format (so far). ‘xt10.20zp9′ is excellent electronica, combining densely-layered atmospheres with complex,
intelligent beatwork and massive bass. since hymen records’ early years daniel myer a.k.a. ARCHITECT has known how to trigger a lower lip response – ‘awake’ features complex, dense beats while keeping clicks, cuts, synths and voices together. there is no other! DRYFT is a solo project of former gridlock member mike cadoo, who is active since 1999 under that moniker. on ‘vector step’ melodious keyboard layers are pushed by varied rhythmic patterns that induce relief and tension. cd1 is concluded by ben HECQ’s ‘sleep through the day’, a mellow and slightly melancholic combination of piano tunes, field recordings and
gentle background strings…

cd2 opens up with COMBUSTION (marcelo baldin), an art director and sound designer from brazil. ‘building the house of vanity’ is a soulful slow tune featuring gentle guitar work and caro roth’s feeling vocals.
‘arrive with eyes ablazed’, a slow distorted electronica jewel shows GINORMOUS’ ability to melt tension and relaxation into one emotion. david thrussell appears for the second time, now as SNOG, introducing a
melancholic view about ‘the end of the world’ as he sees it – backwards guitars, acoustic drums and thrussell’s distinctive voice result in a pop song with a spike only he is able to create. dave tipper and mike
wallis are active as CRUNCH since 2000. for miwak twelve they chose a remix by vent (dan havers a.k.a. dj samurai / dc breaks and sam ashwell a.k.a. diagoro / abstrakt knights). the vent mix of ‘karot’ – a bassy
electro shuffle enriched with clicks, cuts and chopped voices. ‘breakstuff’ is a collaboration between MAD EP AND BRYCE BEVERLIN II, a multidisciplinary artist residing in minneapolis where he explores
various forms of art including free improvisational music, film and video, poetry, public/private installation, and conceptual composition. this alienated hip hop based track forces movement – in many different
directions… ‘sacrifice’ is a post-rock electronica anthem by KEEF BAKER, where symphonic keyboard layers and distorted guitars amalgamate into an enthralling wall of sound. his face and his real name are
hidden but even more interesting questions arise when somebody attempts to get into BLACKFILM’s complicated music structures. starting off in a somewhat soundtrack perspective, blackfilm slowly builds up an
incredibly dark environment, in which fearsome ambiences co-exist with film-noir references. evolving from downtempo electronic music to orchestral paroxysms and, insanely, passing from down-pitched
nothingness to frozen urban landscapes – it becomes impossible to resist. let yourself sink in the abyss… together with slam52, KARSTEN PFLUM represent the cutting-edge of danish electronic music, paying
with his music a tribute to the glorious times of idm, without losing the focus on the future of the genre. recently he became addicted to the wobble sounds of dubstep, and with ‘capstone switch’ he even
includes a pinch of slight breakcore – fast and dark, you will love it! swiss project ABS6 uses his influences from d’n’b to hip hop to breakcore without limiting himself to one style. ‘premiers traitements’
is a great mixage of euphonic synth textures and click’n’cut broken beats. with ‘the bard’, reid dunn a.k.a. WISP presents a beautiful straight but complex track where well-placed drum and bass patterns
meet orchestral samples – the mood is atrabilious and sanguine at the same time. JEROME CHASSAGNARD features a soothing piece of electronica with a lovely melody line. ‘timeless travelers’ – a wonderful sound experience. a friendly visitor from ant-zen: MIKA GOEDRIJK. the belgian one man project known from his ‘pellicules’ release explores the borders between tribalistic body music and electronic sound
explorations with impulsive and dark ‘sore eyes’. a slow gloomy darkhop tune is showcased by s.talada a.k.a. MARCHING DYNAMICS – a moving, actuating, threatening almighty bomb! ‘intercession’ by ORPHX from canada, a techno-infused rhythmic dance track, displays the ability of c.sealey and r.oddie to give extensive structures a value. electronica pushed towards the dancefloor… did we say dancefloor? BIT SHIFTER explores high-energy, low-bit music composed and performed on a nintendo gameboy. the result is an unapologetically fun foray into an evocative and distinctive sound set, executed on a console generally misperceived as being technically limited. the lo-fi disco burner ‘easy prey’ is a perfect example of how to get this console to groove! ‘back in town’ by DEAD HOLLYWOOD STARS leads the listener to a cotton field in the mississippi delta with shuffling drum beats and acoustic slide guitars – but it might be possible an u.f.o. has landed just as alan lomax has made this recording for the library of congress, because
there are irritating synthetic sounds here which definitely do not belong to the delta blues… ‘jailbait rock’ by END adds the big twang to this compilation – just exactly what was missing – fast, dirty electrock’n’roll! and our party has come to an end with TWENTY KNIVES – after entering the ‘royal vomitorium’ and being attacked by a phalanx of beats, superposed melodies and hysterical classic-influenced e-piano there is nothing left to say, except for: change to cd1 and start all over again!

a review in russian language can be found on the machinist’s webpage:

they fell
bumper double cd collection that had me chomping at the bit before the wrapper came off, such is my love of this label; and what a pleasure it is from start to finish. basically a celebration of all that is good in contemporary electronic music, hymen never fail to challenge and explore the sense at every available opportunity. safe to say there isn’t much that this label releases that doesn’t scream ‘quality’.  this release is no exception. beautifully opened by a relatively unknown act to me (and one i may add i will be hunting down shortly) ‘empath’ who draws on deep ebbs and flows with a tremendous sense of space complimented with harps towards its moody climax.  once again hymen introduce me to something outstanding. there are some familiar faces upon this release and yet again all the songs performed are worthy of the accolades they surely deserve as artists.  with a release as lengthy as this there simply isn’t enough space to give this album justice. i won’t play around with genre terminology tagging everything lazily as ‘idm’ and such like, because i am sure that is getting a bit dull when dropped into the equation. besides, if you know hymen as a label, you know what they are about.  if you have never heard of them, then believe me wholeheartedly when i say that they stand for nothing short of intelligent electronics, deep emotions and complex artists that throw programming wizardry around as if it was merely a trifle. there really are some outstanding numbers on this release and its gonna be hard to pick some out but i guess i had better, with no disrespect to any other artist on the album. take ‘snog’ who stand out like a sore thumb with his dry vocal stylings and rock-tronic sensibilities, right through to ‘keef baker’ with his drifting ambiences and whispering vocals to gentle pads and noisy swamp like breaks, onto the dark, brooding dub like qualities of the immense ‘blackfilm’, talented as hell and along with ‘tonikom’ yet another of the talented females out there that this scene sorely lacks. i could really go on all day and believe me its hard not to; splendid. (tony young)

vital weekly
teknoir – the anniversary compilation from german label hymen records from 1999, still stands as one of my all time favorite electronic music compilations. the span of expressions on that particular compilation was remarkable and made the whole trip through the 2+ hours of playing time a true pleasure. now ten years later, the time has come to celebrate the twelfth anniversary of hymen records. and then, what has happened in the meantime? stylishly there is a change from the dark and overall harsh expression on teknoir to this new double disc-compilation titled “miwak twelve”. as the long slowly soundscapes of opening track on “miwak twelve” titled “at the heart of it all” from artist calling himself the_empath sets in, the listener soon gets the idea that there is quite a change in comparison to the early years of the label, circa teknoir. the tone on the opening track is tranquilizing and dreamful in its nature with downbeat rhythms and beautiful guitar strums weaved into otherworldly soundscapes. many other great moments are found on the “miwak twelve”-compilation: post-rock-inspired electronica from nebulo on “sunurb”, ambient-oriented contributions from artists such as dryft, hecq and the slightly more glitch-oriented access to arasaka. chillout electronics from combustion and jerome chassagnard to the more upfront and harsh moments from projects such as artists like hpc and mad ep vs. bryce beverlyn II. othercool moments comes from lowfish with his minimalist technoism and my favorite moment on the entire compilation, being christen plum and his excellent darkside-oriented breakbeat-track capstone switch. so many styles on the compilation, though quite a few contributions floats in the breakbeat-oriented spheres. miwak twelve is a superb and highly entertaining compilation ranking on the same quality level as the teknoir-compilation. unquestionably this will end up as one of this year’s greatest compilations of electronic music, if you ask me! (nm)

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nebulo –
deru –
black lung –
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mad ep vs. bryce beverlin II –
keef baker –
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abs6 –
wisp –
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mika goedrijk –
marching dynamics –
orphx –
bit shifter –
dead hollywood stars –
end –
twenty knives –

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