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Various – Aaaaargh! (DVR047)

One hour and eight seconds of hectic and noisy electronic music

Release date: August 2009
Compiled by: iivix
Cover art and kult DV logo by: Beytah

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01. Realicide – I Will Punch You In The Face!
02. Mental D-struction – They Don’t Want Your Well Being
03. meep – D.L.S. 2009
04. Thee Crumb – Mouthwash Of The Gods
05. Beytah – Boxxy Arpeggio
06. Junkshop Coyote – Argh, A Commercial!
07. Big In Albania – Kajagoogoo Recruitment Drive
08. Fishwod – ooh what a life
09. fRaTeR hAtEr – Vortextual Intercourse
10. Shanks Pony – Than Before All Else
11. Mockstar – Jimmy’s Shotgun Rave
12. Alien Hand – Gordon’s Games
13. Raw Gash – Henry My Son (Bray Bac Bar Mix)
14. Pulver – 299 792 458 Metres Per Second
15. rev777 – right PUJ obstructional maneuvers in the dark
16. ANE – Intermittently Dead From Cold
17. Maxipad – Hold Your Breath
18. n.sound – Scratch Acid
19. Jansky Noise – I had nothing to do with it them us or you
20. Solypsis – Arpeggiorgy
21. Allen, I Hate Myself – Pop Idol
22. Asshole In A Wheelchair – Spontaneous Premature Ejaculation


Following a flurry of awesome artist albums, Digital Vomit is back with a compilation featuring DV artists old and new. Aaaaargh! (note 5 A’s in the title) is all about the beats per minute, with every track being 220 bpm or above. Obviously this means there’s some seriously hardcore gabbacore-noisecore-mashcore-breakcore in there, but due to DV artists’ belligerent ability to take any brief and bend the rules to breaking point, there’s also a generous handful of tracks more focused on intelligent structure and melody rather than just extremism, and even a dash of calming ambient, serving as a breather between the speaker-rattling nosebleeding pain-joy.


While DV is rather laissez faire when it comes to copyright, I (iivix) felt like it would be worth spelling it out explicitly for a change, so here’s the license:
Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported Licence

In other words…

This compilation can be:
– freely shared, copied and distributed
– for non-commercial use only
– provided the tracks are unaltered and attributed to the original artists
– and that the text file (with details of this license) is included with any digital copies


  1. thanx…. looxin forward to chexin this out ^+^

  2. epic mix!

  3. I like your post & i will always be coming frequently to read more of your post.Thank you very much for your post once more.

  4. This disc is very very cool! I repeat them several times a day recently.

  5. Perfect.

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