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Daily Archives: September 25th, 2009


To be invisible sucks.

But it’s still better than MJ.
Otherwise, things will be a little messy.
You’re just there as a thing that needs to be seen.
Seeing is believing.
Touching is experiencing.
Being abstract is not an option.
But of course, it’s hard to see the differences.
Here we are as sinners for our better future.
No way back.
No way out.
Only in.

Line up :

1. Cangkang Serigala – Kerintihan Keranda
2. Electrocore – Electrophonicanalog
3. Individual Distortion – I Kicked The Dance
4. Julian Abraham – Mob
5. Marko Batista/Kidnapper.220 – ph00:d>rakete remix
6. Ondrej Skala/JTNB – HM
7. Racun Kota – Rock and Roll Telah Mati
8. RyBn – I O I 2.0.3
9. TerbujurKaku – Sekar Jupun Remix + Gadis Pujaan
10.Terror Incognita – Hertz

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