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+BELLIGERANZA 05 – 12″ picture disk – “Pizza 4 Seasons” by Various Artists

Side A.
“Col Fischio O Senza?” (mushroom-mix) dj Balli
“Pizza Concrète” (artichoke-mix) Bruital Orgasme
“Pichi Pichi Gal” (sausage-mix) Zr3a
“CiNapoli” (raw ham-mix) System Hardware Abnormal

Side B.
“Enjoy Pizza Bokassa Kill Kill!” (mega-mix of the four ingredients)
by dj Balli, Bruital Orgasme, Zr3a and System Hardware Abnormal.

Shape the dough into a 12″ in a lightly greased bowl, and divide it in 4 parts. Side A: let’s consider the 4 sections obtained as different kind of pizza: the Italian mushroom one dj Balli, the artichokes from Belgium one Bruital Orgasme, the Japanese sausage one Zr3a, finally the raw ham one System Harware Abnormal. Instead in the crunchy surface in the back – Side B – you can taste a MEGA-MIX risulting from the melting of above-mentioned 4 ingredients. This is pure PIZZA-NOIZE 100% guaranteed .


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