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This compilation is a selection of tracks from various members of Amen-tal. (Plus a few additional tracks from some like minded producers from the Jungle Syndicate and Life 4 Land crews.) A collective of producers who all enjoy hearing the amen break more frequently than your doctor would normally recommend. The beats they make range from ambient drones to full on filth riddled breakcore, but with their main focus being on various strains of jungle music.

Amen-tal have been building on their sound for the past 3 years since their debut vinyl release in 2007. Since then the production levels have been going through the roof with members of the crew earning their own releases on various labels including Acroplane, Centrifuge, Ideation and Bonus Round Recordings.

Look out for Amen-talist live shows coming up including BANGFACE WEEKENDER 2010 where they will be providing their own onslaught of heavyweight bassbinism and Amen-mashery, plus a display of visual terror from the darkest depths of Mr Daytime Televisuals nasty little brain. Check out his website. –

11 tracks total.


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