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Friday 19th of March 2010

MKM! + ToztiZok Presents: *
NINGENGOUKAKU (Kyoto, Japan) *
ssscum ssspazm psssychedelic garage neet fastessst gore anarchy in the HYAKUMAMBEN Ningengoukaku : an electric implosion of the Boredoms & extreme free-music.
HOLZKOPF (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada) *
a mashup of jungle, hip-hop, eardrum bursting feedback and a healthy does of psychedelia, holzkopf uses broken machinery and homemade synthesizers to churn out this hellish cacophony as much influenced by beats, cuts and scratches as by total noise. “Whether you call it self-expression or just self-indulgent, there’s no denying the disquieting, invigorating impact of this kind of outsider art.” (The Wire)

€ 6,-   22.00 – 03.00

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