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[DTRASH140] VARIOUS ARTISTS – Distorted Mind

[DTRASH140] VARIOUS ARTISTS – Distorted Mind
Extremely rapid, unpredictable, stimulating, erratic, exciting, complex, intense, subversive, distorted, sexxy, glitchy, mind fuck international breakcore compilation. Must have. Features underground breakstars like FFF, MALADROIT, XACKSECKS, ALEX TUNE, CAT-GRRL, DISTONN, DISBREAKZ, MIDI FISTER, MOTHBALL Z, MICROPHYST, DEM TUNE, DUMB FIX, SHOTGUN ORCHESTRA, SURREALIZT, TIMMY TURNTABLE.

Genres: Hardstyle, Breakcore, Gabber, Rhythmic Noise, Techno, Jungle, Drum n Bass
Release Date: 2010/1
Length: (85:54)
Track Info:

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