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Artist: Kamikaze Deadboy Vs. Terbujurkaku
Name: Invasion Of The Zombie Breakcore Producers
Date: 20-02-2010
Style: Breakcore, Noise
Label: RusZUD Net Label
Format: Free Net-release (MP3)
Bitrate: 192 Kbps

Kamikaze Deadboy aka Keiron Ignorant (a pun on Steve Ignorant from the Punk Band Crass) was born in January 11th, 1987 in Halifax, England (12 years after Venetian snares was born ironically). An outcast with a love for punk bands such as Crass, Digital Hardcore Records
and 60s Italian Lounge music, KDB classes his style of music as «samplecore», due to heavy usage of samples to promote his style, in a non disrespectful way. after a handful of releases in 2007 on labels such as sociopath recordings and glitch city, KDB became a very respected musician throughout the internet.

still continuing to further himself away from halifax’s afromented music scene, KDB is also a radio DJ in local town of halifax, with a show entitled “dr. Nightmare’s Mediction Time.ЃE

For More Information, please refer to the sites below:

Terbujurkaku is a breakcore artist from Surabaya, Indonesia.TerbujurKaku is known for making breakcore mixed with koplo* and indonesian traditional music.

*KOPLO : dangdut mixes with dance music

For More Information, please refer to the sites below:



>>> Download release:

>>> Archive page:

RusZUD MySpace:
RusZUD Site:


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