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Monthly Archives: March 2010



01 – Annwn – First Contact
02 – Racheil Herbsc – Héritage Putride
03 – Racheil Hearbsc – Hard Hop
04 – Coreback – Yallah
05 – Bza – Licked Good
06 – Attila – Metal Polm
07 – Attila – More Coffe
08 – Element Abuse – Jar
09 – Yb-moz – Dés Leur Arrivée
10 – Atomicon – Torsion
11 – Atomhead – Zapstuff
12 – Chlorophyll Fluxbunny – Harsh Rainbow
13 – Annwn – Inverted Flower Pot Technique
14 – Traumatizer – Phruumpkmzwroruramphff
15 – Frd – Solaire

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dw068 – Bulkrate – Convocation

Grim and eerie sounds directly from the subconsciousness of the artist`s mind. Dealing with death, depression, betrayal, fear, loss, inner demons, belonging, the occult, will and rebirth.

A landscape of mainly improvised soundscapes and darkambient that will take you down into the world of the watchers and other dimensions that exist all around us that people are too afraid to see.

We all are members of the convocation of lost souls on our way to self-termination.

Synths and Samples: Evert de Weerd

Download Full Album:

dw068 – Bulkrate – Convocation (41.9 MB)

Download Songs:

Track 01 – Convocation (10.3 MB)
Track 02 – Into the portal of doom (12.8 MB)
Track 03 – Under the ice cold surface (8.47 MB)
Track 04 – Crossing the river (10.1 MB)

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Darkwinter Releases


[DTRASH129.5] PHALLUS ÜBER ALLES – Nur Ein Bisschen

[DTRASH129.5] PHALLUS ÜBER ALLES – Nur Ein Bisschen
Here is the final 5th, of the 5 FINGERS MAKE A FIST release from our friends PHALLUS ÜBER ALLES. This EP showcases new track “Nur ein Bisschen” and includes remixes from EE:33, ROBERT INHUMAN, REMY BRECHT, and MASSAKISS.

Genres: Digital Hardcore, Noise, Breakcore, Punk, Rhythmic Noise, Industrial, Jungle
Release Date: 2010/3
Length: (20:12)
Track Info:

Download Album:
Download Artwork:
+Mirror: (rapidshare)
+Mirror: (megupload)
+Mirror: (

Mat Weasel @ Audio Active XXL 12-03-2010

Right Mouseclick + Save Target As = Download

43 minutes
Quality Average bitrate: 333 kbps
Nominal bitrate: 320 kbps
102 MB

Background Info
Happy French tekno all the way from Czech Republic, from a city called Weasel Buster Tribe: Mat Weasel

Mat Weasel is worldwide acknowledge for his unique sound.
If you like the golden period of 90’s electronic music, you surely like Mat!

Audio Active XXL took place in the main area of ‘Paard van Troje’, one of Hollands topvenues.
Artist like U2 & Prince performed in ‘Het Paard’ The Hague.

More info about Audio Active XXL:
A new edition of Audio Active XXL is coming soon!!

More info about T-T-S can be found at the following websites:

aXm aka Ton Pire Cauchemar – Douceur d’un soir

aXm aka  Ton Pire Cauchemar - Douceur d'un Soir


Check now here and Download it, its free !!!!!

Hellboy Live @ Bangface Image

On 26 February Structural Damage head honcho Hellboy tore Bangface a new arsehole. Two weeks later and across London ravers ears are still ringing.

An eclectic hour-long set that spanned dark-as-night dubstep, maddest-of-madcap breakcore, bursts of acid, a large slab of hardtek and more hoovers than you can shake a shitty stick at, and Structural Damage Records has captured the whole sordid incident on tape! Well, crystal clear 320kbps .mp3 actually.

Click to download ‘Hellboy Live @ Bangface’

Saturday 27 March 2010 at 9:00pm

DJ Balli
Baron Staalhard
Bally Corgan

Achterhaven 148



Krumble returns to Death$ucker Records with two stunning track “Autobahn” and “Bass Line Vision”. Available now on Promo 12″ vinyl and on 320kbps MP3 in the new Digital Downloads shop, along with many other quality Death$ucker releases all for just 50p!

Listen to Krumble tracks here:

A. Autobahn


AA. Bass Line Vision


Check out Krumble release info & purchase digital copies here:

shit wank website
its finally back up
see here , looks the same as before ,crap !!
passenger of shit is still available for bookings in europe !!! do it ya cunts !!!
new shit from krishna thorburn –
(a.k.a- virya dadura vamana / rancid shit wank )
check his websites
shitwank ,myspace
he has  some artwork featuring in the hopital brut 9 book

see here


new virya dadura vamana
album is coming
you can get it through ‘selva electtrica‘ (laughing net lable) from Roma Italy.
its called  ‘ Maha bairavi kirtans’ ( devotional songs for the Great and terrible screaming Goddess)

new t-shirts from passengerofshit
available now again finally
see here in the shop section

passenger of shit has a new track on the new label roest

see here

also coming attractions

stomach turning artwork by the king LOU RUSCONI
more info soon

12″ on shitwank titled-‘dung on’

split from shittingwhore/hitlerbuttsecks/marksida/political necro shemale bob on shitwank

shitting whore cd on shitwank

p.o.s 8
p.o.s on TNI
p.o.s on HKV

KR037 – DJ Rioteer – Dj Set @ Monsters Of Cock Tour


Download while you can!