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Daily Archives: April 12th, 2010

Deze ‘release’ bevat 6 tracks, door de jaren heen gemaakt. De focus ligt met name op sfeer, maar ook het nodige audiogeweld is gegarandeerd.

Nano.strike – One for the Road.

1. Static Shine
2. One for the road
3. Static Window
4. Dawn on concrete
5. Static Seizer
6. Alpha centauri

Formaat: 320 kbps MP3

Link naar de ZIP-file:

Of de site waar ik vandaan link, daar zijn de mp3’s ook los:

Veel plezier onderweg

With a passion for electronic music and a will to share the latest musical trends with the young Lebanese public, and the desire to support the cultural scene in Lebanon, Kaotik System has been involved in the media industry in Lebanon as a dynamic event organizer. The collective has gained a wealth of experience and knowledge in events of all sizes. Our mission is to introduce new kinds of Electronic music by inviting over foreign artists thus allowing the Lebanese public to merge with the European culture.

Kaotik system will be working with major foreign labels/ event organizers/ record stores, artists and collaborating with local artists: DJs, VJs, photographers, film-makers, and electronic bands … in order to set up main or small events and festivals.

Kaotik System was the pioneer of the FREE PARTY culture in the Middle East throwing parties in various open air locations throughout Lebanon.

Their passion and determination to spread our ideology in its various forms has helped the Lebanese alternative electronic scene to grow, which lead to foundation of fellow enthusiast and crews in the country.

Official website