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Bag Monster Records

Bag Monster Records is a new DPR sub-label geared more towards weird/off-beat projects. Some releases will be MP3-only releases, others may eventually see vinyl/CD releases.
BMR001 Metaphorical Vagina – How Comes When You Turn Girls Upside Down When Theys On Theys Periods They Don’t Drown And Shit?

Metaphorical Vagina is a ScreamerClauz side project. This release is all about STD’s with all vintage video game/classic cartoon samples. It’s more upbeat then typical ScreamerClauz stuff, but still disgusting and weird. These tracks were all made between 2004-2010. Many have never been heard other then live performance with the exception of AIDS which leaked out onto the internet a couple years back. But the version on here is mastered and mixed slightly better. Now download it and learn stuff about where to and where not to stick your dick so it doesn’t fall off.

Download for FREE!!!!!

01. Purple Wings
02. Painful Burning Sensation
03. Skunky Cunt
04. AIDS
05. Vaginal Discharge

Hi-Res front Cover
Hi-Res Back Cover
Download Entire Album + Covers In Ultra Convenient Zip File! DAMN SON!!!!!

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