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Daily Archives: April 17th, 2010

release #097

= 01- Power on – 2:30
= 02- Red monsterz Remix – 2:39
= 03- The art of brain eating – 1:55
= 04- tokyo video games remix – 1:33
= 05- War journal #54 – 3:10
= 06- Wear this coat its made of goat – 2:25
= 07- Zombie jerk Remix – 2:11
encoded at 128 kbit.mp3
album length 16:23 mins long
download link –



Jansky Noise sound ripping audio canvas; politely bows at the art of the late by Jackson Pollock. Shapes of sound blind and bind into a layered chaotic multi-directional recording. Made in a spontaneous stroke motion, with plenty of error, movement and action. The random technique of smearing audio giblets helps create the final piece and cement if for the listener to enjoy…

The recording is solid and coarse whilst at the same time haphazard and full of obstructions. But do not let that hold you back!

There is a rotating wild sense of freedom here where thick forms lick, stick and layer up alongside the thin. Hi speed pulses of sound and movement collide and form a pure splatter jam. Levels of sound and density rise and fall, abrupt sounds stab at right angles and fade into a flash!

If your angry just as much as happy, listen and cleanse. Play loud blasting action can help improve flow. Remember the voyage of creation is no less important that the journey you make when you listen

Original recording from Studio Loom UK.

Download it now

Birth’s highly anticipated debut studio album, “I WILL” offers 9 new tracks of raw minimal Los Angeles synthpunk. For those unfamiliar, Birth (also commonly known as BIRTH!) is Douglas Halbert, of a Denver deathrocker origin then scraping by feverishly in LA much of this past decade. His songs are blunt and driving, and his physical performance is as explosively engaging as any in the rich/depraved history of Californian experimental punk. Since the conception of Birth in 2007, Doug has toured both US coasts (with Realicide and various others), was featured in a European tour surrounding the Drop Dead Festival in 2008, has been a consistent figure in most events bizarre in the LA area, and has had a killer tape of demo recordings in circulation. For those already acquainted, “I WILL” shows substantial evolution in this project. Not only is it Birth’s first properly produced work with more layering of various keyboards and vocal work, but the songs are overtly more autobiographical. Whereas previous songs dealt in a somewhat more generalized expression of anxiety, lust, rage, etc. the content of “I WILL” describes much more personal situations of loss and the struggle to build a life from an array of very broken experiences. The album is dark but conveys a determined optimism, evident not only in the words themselves but within the unhesitant energy of their delivery. Coming from deathrock doesn’t have to lead to a lifetime of sulking after all! Watch out for BIRTH! at Drop Dead Fest 2010! Mastered by Mavis Concave. Full color artwork by Robert Inhuman. CD comes with a lyrics sheet and 4×4″ sticker. 8 February 2010, for Realicide Youth Records. (1st edition 1,000 CD)



Junglefever & Stivs- Fat Ting

check out this new track by Junglefever & Stivs

Another great set of wicked acid tracks. Dark soundscapes, broken beats and twisted melodies. Everything is surrounded by large dose of bubbly, squelchy acid sounds.
It’s completely new look on Acid sounds.
Don’t miss it!!
05.Sum peep part2