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Daily Archives: April 18th, 2010

Shot_fireR - Disappointment
Shot_fireR – Disappointment

Label: NoiseworX Records
Catalog#: noiseworx 093
Format: File, MP3, Album
Country: Ukraine
Released: 17 Feb 2010
Style: Breakcore, Drum’n’Bass, Dark Ambient.

1. Shot fireR – Intro (1:52)
2. Shot fireR – Footfetish (5:38)
3. Shot fireR – We Are Smoke (4:12)
4. Shot fireR – FuckLAB (2:24)
5. Shot fireR – Ultimate Destruction (3:52)
6. Shot fireR – Disappointment (3:11)
7. Shot fireR – R.I.P. My Brother (5:15)
8. Shot fireR – White225red221 (3:16)
9. Shot fireR – CarmaSuicide (Outro) (3:31)

Full Playing Time: 33:11
Format: mp3
All Tracks written by Sergey Bogdanov.
Go to other releases at NoiseworX records.
Другие релизы на лейбле NoiseworX records.

AZ-Rotator performing at Madrid's ARCO fair

Madrid’s AZ-Rotator can’t be separated from his machines: it’s been only a few weeks since Discontinu released his free “Spam” net release, and yet he is back twisting his knobs for a new release on Ad Noiseam. After his “Science Of Chance” debut and the “Freaky Vintage Disco Breaks” EP, this will be the return of the spanish wizkid to Ad Noiseam after three years spent releasing a collaboration on Japan’s Hypermodern, an album on Lovethechaos, a 3″ CD on and two free netreleases ‘(or giving interviews to Sennheiser or performing for Sonic Youth, or doing sound-design for web2.0 movie trailers).

There’s still a long time to go before we can put your hands on this new material by AZ-Rotator, but here’s a free track already, “Redycom Flow”, which should show you where the new recordings are headed. It seems like Uge Ortiz has the dancefloor clearly in mind with this insanely catchy, melodic and booty-shaking track.

Here’s the track which you can  download here. Listen to it loud, and dance the day (or night) away.


Noize:Tek Records is proud to announce the new CD album from NOT BREATHING, entitled Christy Cores. Release date and pre-orders to be announced soon!
The 9th full album from Dave Wright a.k.a. NOT BREATHING follows his releases on Sublight, Invisible, Terminal Dusk and others, now expanding into more of a full band than before. This new approach give Christy Cores a more stripped down and live feel than previous albums, as well as being possibly his heaviest album yet. Industrialised beats clash with glitched out melodic soundscapes and thick, twisting basslines that have nods to electro and acid as well as elements of rock and noise. This album definitely rewards multiple listenings as well as retaining a rough and ready energy found from any great live band.
1 Current
2 Unicorn Killer
3 The Final Night
4 Beating Klaus Fuchs
5 Shark Roller
6 Cold Front
7 Autumn Chill
8 Raunchy MC. Stabyou
9 Neptunium
10 Qing Ting
11 Wet Wash Twilight
12 Ocelot Caverns

Brandnew EP “Absolut Rave Vol.1” is out now on his own KLPMX label!
Check it out now!!!

six mind boggling “Happy Breakcore” tracks under the name “Absolut Rave Vol. 1”!

!!! NEW MIX AVAILABLE !!! >>> free download

dmdnmix60 dj dmdn @ [jungle ragga] roni size congo natty blackstar etc.mp3


go to > click DOWNLOAD MIX (or rightclick DOWNLOAD MIX > save target as)

Below you can find the two releases on Mindtrick records!
Within four weeks they will be released on 12″ and Beatport.
But for all you people that can`t wait that long Adnoiseam is already selling the Digital release from their shop!

Sinister Souls – Borderline E.P.
Deformer – Diabolical E.P.

Enjoy! and stay tuned for the vinyl!!