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Noize:Tek Records is proud to announce the new CD album from NOT BREATHING, entitled Christy Cores. Release date and pre-orders to be announced soon!
The 9th full album from Dave Wright a.k.a. NOT BREATHING follows his releases on Sublight, Invisible, Terminal Dusk and others, now expanding into more of a full band than before. This new approach give Christy Cores a more stripped down and live feel than previous albums, as well as being possibly his heaviest album yet. Industrialised beats clash with glitched out melodic soundscapes and thick, twisting basslines that have nods to electro and acid as well as elements of rock and noise. This album definitely rewards multiple listenings as well as retaining a rough and ready energy found from any great live band.
1 Current
2 Unicorn Killer
3 The Final Night
4 Beating Klaus Fuchs
5 Shark Roller
6 Cold Front
7 Autumn Chill
8 Raunchy MC. Stabyou
9 Neptunium
10 Qing Ting
11 Wet Wash Twilight
12 Ocelot Caverns

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