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Daily Archives: July 9th, 2010

RR.36 – various artists – The Youth Feeders Compilation

Who doesn’t like hip hop really?  Especially when you have one of electronic grinds premiere artist Xrin Arms producing the beats.  This album will eat your face right off and spit it right back at you.  Featuring such great artists as:: pWrecks, guttah face, quiz 10, xrin arms. tahkid, fat arm,  and more.  Grab this album you wont be sorry, it just might help you with your low sex drive. -RR!


The Youth Feeders Compilation was created out of honest expression of odd structures of life and making art.  Xrin Arms hopped on a plane from Michigan after spending a month recording his over the top psych rock album “Coy Insanity” and flew to Spokane Washington where he met p.Wrecks, Guttah Face & Quiz 10, a connection was instantly made and music was being churned out left and right, which also birthed the Heavy Barrelz forthcoming album entitled “Tha Treachery”.  This is a peek into a group of artists and what it looks like when they collide styles, personalities & passions into one bundle of pain, strife and strive.  A little hip hop, some punk rock & a sprinkle of electronic beats and a whole lot of restless power is what The Youth Feeders Compilation will feed you.