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Daily Archives: July 27th, 2010


Artwork by Bernie Wrightson

PLAYLIST – 12th June 2010

Monster Zoku Onsomb! – Frankin’stein
Bong – Zombies
Solypsis – The Beast With Seven Heads (Terminal 11’s Sparkle Downer Remix)
Pale – Monster (Dusk Terminal Edit)
Abelcain – Curse of Dracula
Divtech – The Monsters in my Pocket are Working around Trademarks
Batuta – A Real Monster
Eraplee Noisewall Orchestra – Dancing With Dragons
Zombie – Patermonster
The Teknoist – Crying Chimera
Xylocaine – Vampire
Hard Natural Nation – Monster Classics
Mortician – Werewolves Curse
Malevolent Creation – Monster
Lair of the Minotaur – When the Ice Giants Slayed All
Macabre – Werewolf of Bedburg
Satyricon – Dreams of a Satyr
Teen Cthulhu – Daygon-Hydra
Vitamin X – Master/Monster
The Stockholm Syndrome – Red Dragons
Rollins Band – Monster
Tomorrow People – Medusa
Ya Aha – Monsters in a Trans Am
Limited Express (Has Gone?) – Monsters, Inc.
The Cramps – God Monster
The Monsters – Gozilla
The Queers – Monster Zero
Voodoo Glow Skulls – Closet Monster
King Horror – Loch Ness Monster
Scientist – Ghost of Frankenstein
Jah Wobble and the Chinese Dub Orchestra – Dragon and Phoenix Dub
Tim Hecker – Chimeras


more Thematics Radio check: THEMATICS Radio show based around themes on 2RRR in Sydney

Play list from recent show on Thematics Radio 2rrr 88.5:


Photo by Paul Wright
Special guests: Croy Broodfood and DJ Brothelowner

“DJ Brothelowner & Croy Broodfood join Thematics this Saturday night to play some old records which have been sampled ad nauseam (and probably a few  records which feature those samples). Think, Amen Brother, Funky Drummer etc. A must for music nerds and scenesters alike.”

Below the original breaks are available for download as .WAV…
Also a link to a crumby megamix containing all the breaks as XRNS or MP3 and a link to an mp3 of the radio show itself.

Melvin Bliss – Synthetic Substitution (download the break)
Dr. Octagon – Wild and Crazy

Billy Squier – The Big Beat (download the break)
Dizzee Rascal – Fix Up, Look Sharp

Joe Tex – Papa Was Too (download the break)
Epmo – Jane

Incredible Bongo Band – Apache (download the break)
Nas – Made You Look
Secret Squirrel – Coming On Dark

James Brown – Funky Drummer (download the break)
Run-DMC – Run’s House
Urban Shakedown – Some Justice
Syndicate – Lower Level

James Brown – Soul Pride (download the break)
Squarepusher – A Journey to Reedham (7am Mix)

Barry White – I’m Gonna Love You Just a Little More Babe (download the break)
Tone Loc – Cutting Rhythms

Led Zeppelin – When the Levee Breaks (download the break)
Beastie Boys – Rhymin’ and Stealin’

Kool and the Gang – N.T. (download the break)
Public Enemy – B Side Wins Again

Ike Turner – Funky Mule (download the break)
Source Direct – Call and Response

Funk Inc. – Kool is Back (download the break)
MC Eiht – Growing Up in the Hood

Lyn Collins – Think (About it) (download the break)
Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock – It Takes Two
Venetian Snares – Eurocore MVP

Skull Snaps – It’s a New Day (download the break)
Stezo – It’s My Turn

Commodores – Assembly Line (download the break)
Nebula II – Flatliners (played wrong record)

The Winstons – Amen Brother (download the break)
Mantronix – King of the Beats
N.W.A. – Straight Outta Compton

Hedonist – Blandville Court Mega Mix (download the mega mix as MP3) or (download the Renoise file)


Most of the first hour of original songs are featured here

GENERATION BASS, is platform from cool music from wherever. think global music, global techno, bassline, cumbia, kuduro, fidget, widget, wobbly dobbly house, just good music and good info… We try to showcase non western influences on western dance music, without going all hippie on you.

Three nights of the coolest dance grooves mixed with the hottest music styles from all over the globe. That’s what you can expect on the Generation Bass events during Incubate. Moroccan pop mixed with Latin-American rap that a NY dj found at an Angolese blog and spins at a Dutch festival. The non-western dance music like nu cumbia, kuduro, reggaeton and funk carioca/baile funk will be the sound of these dance-filled nights during Incubate 2010 when remixed with dubstep, grime, drum & bass and electro. It takes place on the 17th and 18th of September.

first names:

just found these new tracks by Low Entropy on youtube!

DBN & Chaotic Circle & Exxinore – When Worlds Collide


discogs: When Worlds Collide
Format: CD, Album


01 Chaotic Circle Raw & Dirty 4:28
02 Exxinore Massive Chilling 3:04
03 Chaotic Circle The Evil That You Fear 4:43
04 DBN (2) Organic Hunter 5:00
05 Chaotic Circle Dirty Clown 4:35
06 Chaotic Circle Free Your Perverse Mind 5:09
07 DBN (2) Dirty Rock Star 4:23
08 DBN (2) Hey You! 5:06
09 DBN (2) 4 40 4:50
10 Exxinore Chrysochroa Fulgidissima 3:45
11 DBN (2) Wikkiewikkie Wahh 3:48
12 DBN (2) Salvation 4:10
13 Exxinore Oinde 2:26