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New Goatlab Radio show online, with fresh tunes from Bong-Ra, FFF, Electromeca, JungleFever & Stivs, Venetian Snares and more…


Download the show here: Goatlab Radio July Summer Heat


  1. Vuvuzela Time
  2. Bong Ra – Zion (Clash)
  3. Isis von Spices – Though a Cat’s Eyes Darkly (WEFT)
  4. Giorgos Alkaios & Friends – Opa! (Greek Eurovision entry)
  5. Shane O ‘Donovan – CFRmx2 (Kaboogie)
  6. Bristol Hum
  7. Keith Fullerton Whitman – Variations for Oud & Synthesizer (Version Aubéré 1) (no label)
  8. FFF – Maniac (Murder Channel)
  9. Higgs Boson – God particle signal is simulated as sound
  10. 999 Rapper vs Gusset
  11. Venetian Snares – Absolute Posers
  12. Andrei Tarkovsky – Solaris (showing at Tha Arnolfini soon)
  13. Minty – That’s Nice (Sugar) (Gusset mix)
  14. Junglefever & Stivs – Fat Ting (Death$ucker / Bomba Cuts)
  15. Solar Beat (White Vinyl Design)
  16. Electromeca – Uprock (Beat Yo Ass) (addictech)

Download/Listen to past shows here: []

Death$ucker Records Record Store
Parasite on MySpace


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