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Odd B.Boy breaks and other space shit from Electromeca.

Imagine James Brown driving a bulldozer through a wrecking yard, hectic B-Boys break-dancing in a puddle of motor oil, The Bomb Squad meets Russolo in a Z-movie
disco-club, FM-radio harsh beats, dismantled stuttering beat-box, muddy boom-bap… Basically: hard & heavily damaged club music.

1. Electromeca – 1000
2. Electromeca – Electric
3. Electromeca – Weightlessness
4. Electromeca – Space Program
5. Electromeca – Cruisin for Concrete
6. Electromeca – Bubble & Rusk
7. Electromeca – Steam Funk
8. Electromeca – Uprock (Beat Yo Ass)

“Brillant, unique, surgical, corrosive & groovy !!! Mr Meca, your alien breakbeat juice of damaged club music made my day !!! Thanx \o/ ”
– Rotator (Peace Off. Brooklyn Beats, Ruff)

“I love it ! I think it’s the best thing he’s produced yet… So creative and cut up, and a ton of different influences crammed together in the best possible way!”
– Kid Kameleon (XLR8R Magazine)

“Wicked release – all 8 tracks are addictive… It is the ultimate in flesh-eating zombie b-boy battle music.”
– Mad EP (Ad Noiseam, Hymen, Tasty Cyanide Radio)

Now available exclusively on

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