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DVR057 Lady Gagging – The Remix

Release Date: 3rd August 2010
Format: MP3
Compiled by: Datarapist / Solypsis
Artwork by: Meep

Download Here

01.poke her face – Solypsis
02.Dog n Bone – Datarapist
03.bedroom ants – My Boy is Dead
04.Wearing A Birdcage On Your Head Is Not A Fashion Statement – Next Stop Uranus
05.ugly disease – Asshole in a Wheelchair
06.Alex mate, do one!! – Three Masked Men
07.tooth jar – Light Trap
08.Lady Amisega GaGa Believers’ Propaganda Song (LadyAmisega GaGa For Ever!) – ANE
09.alejandro remix – Bearats
10.Pow Kick Her Face – Beytah for loving – Shanks Pony
12.Inject me baby – Meep
13.massive roaming charges – Pulverized Fontanelle

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