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17.09.2010 @ RAUM20 (new space)
BOOM PROSTATE! Ravers United!


…* DJ DONNA SUMMER (cock rock disco)
Clubkcore + Booty = Rave? Cock Rock Disco, Wasted, and Birthday Party Berlin madman likes to jump up and down a lot.

* ELECTRIC KETTLE (peace off)
Mindblowing circus-jazz-surf-core from Peace Off Records and one of
the best producers anywhere anyhow.

* DISSCOXX (dense, stillavailable)
Legendary banging Dubstep/Idm DJ and co-owner of Dense Records- you
know he’s got the good stuff!

Trash techno songs with long moustache and a filthy rock & roll beard, straight from sunny and wealthy Poland. Veteran of mik.musik.!. label.

* 8ROLEK (
Another ex-mik.musik.!. – master of his own kind, from dubstep, through punk and electro to polish folk inspirations.

Raum 20
Ziegrastrasse 11/13, BERLIN!

tickets 8eur
start 22:00


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