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Daily Archives: September 24th, 2010


Chase 038 – The NumberJack : “Hectic Life”

UK based Drum’n’bass producer, The NumberJack, strikes back on Chase Records after his debut Ep “The Death Of A Fly” on Chase 032. This new Ep, is still Jungle / Drum’n’bass oriented but The NumberJack slowed down the tempo and spent more time working on the atmosphere and background layers of his tracks. After a short dark ambient intro, the tracks fall into serious dnb beats and breaks, combining influences from the old school jungle tracks with deep ambient atmospheres.

Tracklist :

01 – The Intro [Feat. Vince Price] (2:29)
02 – Sublimality (6:02)
03 – Money For Old Rope (5:17)
04 – Sublimality [Old Skool Remix] (7:04)

Total Time : 20:52

Release under Creative Commons License :

As usual, this EP, amongst many others, is available for free download on Chase website or following the direct links below.

Chase 038 – The NumberJack : “A Hectic Life” – MP3 320 kbps Full Album (incl, Artwork and Release Infos): … fe_320.rar

Chase 038 – The NumberJack : “A Hectic Life” – Flac Full Album (incl, Artwork and Release Infos) : … e_Flac.rar

Release Page :

Chase 038 is also available at LastFM, Dogmazic and Jamendo,

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The NumberJack :

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Rioteer @ Audio Active XXL 03-09-2010
Rioteer has been working up quite a storm in the European breakcore scene with his blend of really heavy breakcore, speedcore and just plain weirdness. His roots lay in all kind of electronic music, a big blent of punk and African Percussive Music. For 4 years Rioteer played in Afrodisiac, a African Percussion group and uses these influences in his tracks. In the past he played at a lot of well known breakcore parties in the Netherlands and Abroad. For example Rioteer played at Breakcore gives me WOOD III in Ghent & the first Clash of the Titans party in Berlin. In the past Rioteer had his weekly radio show at radio raket Tilburg which unfortunately is off the air at the moment. Furthermore he is active in Tilburg as part of the Crackbeats events in Tilburg.

Unfortunately we don’t have a tracklist: most of the tracks are unfinished and nameless.
This means that you listen to a live-set full with funky fresh tunes!
Anyways… expect some dirty & hard breakcore (and beyond).
More info about Rioteer can be found @
Handmade cover by Miss Rioteer is available over here.
More info about Audio Active XXL can be found @ … 0865866714

Download @ … -2010.html
And for the iPhone/iPod/iTunes/podcast addicts: … d377363099

More info about the next Audio Active XXL can be found @ Facebook, Hyves & Last.FM … se/2450841

alphacut records proudly presents its special tenth 12inch release

very various artists – alphacut 00010

finally it is time to proudly present the anniversary alphacut vinyl!
a release which wants to say thank you to all the artist which came
across during the years, whether it may have been as friends,
producers, affiliates, supporters and influences.

prelisten side a:

it comes down with an a unique drum&bass statement a side tune
by randomer. the other face is a truely huge compilation of 111
loops, to continue the locked groove idea of the usual alphacuts.
each tune is done by another act, which creates a hall of fame of
experimental breakbeats, a large field of different electronic
sounds and tools, clicks, noise and pure ambiences.
a turntableism playground as well as a collector’s aka explorer’s
item – rounded up by its fluorescent orange vinyl and the
custom-made die-cut two-color silk-screen print cover.
­[img width=800 height=800][/img]

this acr 010 has been released in september 2010 and is
self-distributed only! strictly 333 numbered copies have been made,
112 of them went to the artists and pre-orders kept coming in
since quite some months now. thank you all!

for further digging into alpha cutauri visit


A1 Randomer Seeing Angles 5:46
B1 Jakin Boaz Dtrip 0:02
B2 Hey-O-Hansen Oncoming Generation 0:02
B3 Barth Landmine 0:02
B4 Karl Marx Stadt Diagonal Über Alte Technik In Die Zukunft 0:02
B5 Hans Platzgumer & Florian Kmet No 02 0:02
B6 triPhaze Schnee Im Ofen 0:02
B7 Oootini Cheese On Ma Broc-o-lie 0:02
B8 Deep (2) Deepeed 0:02
B9 Fnord Perfect Sav 0:02
B10 Manécante Kaou 0:02
B11 El Gusano Rojo Lastr 0:02
B12 DJ Balli You Can Also Scratch With Rat Squeakings 0:02
B13 Tlic Chrystal 0:02
B14 Bambam Babylon Bajasch Schabau Dub 0:02
B15 Axel Of Evil Lyzerk 606 0:02
B16 z99 Smthnlse 0:02
B17 IJO Gamadrillah 0:02
B18 Sileni Slightly Bumpin’ Loop 0:02
B19 Elektrovert Junker 0:02
B20 Rejectmonkee Bathroom Funk 0:02
B21 Electric Kettle Womba Flip 0:02
B22 FFF Not Behaving Like Normal 0:02
B23 Droon Stop 0:02
B24 Mimaku Spldat Instant Cthulhu 0:02
B25 Chevron Stone 0:02
B26 Neurobit An Endless Amount Of Infinity 0:02
B27 Rioteer Turntablism Vandalism 0:02
B28 Martsman 8700FF 0:02
B29 E.stonji Untitled 0:02
B30 Qiu Solgleite 0:02
B31 Pure We Are The Phuture Of Digestion 0:02
B32 Wasted Acid Youth What Ever Turns You Full On 0:02
B33 Paradigm X Jasper Hood And Jackson 0:02
B34 Da Halz The Night 0:02
B35 DJ Trax Deep Sea Diggin 0:02
B36 DJBrain G23 0:02
B37 Lambent Imagine All Dat 0:01
B38 Paco (24) Thrust 0:01
B39 DJ Opossum Nazeeha 0:01
B40 Fault Grimesloop 0:01
B41 Fobia Deathless Notch 0:01
B42 Co (5) Chaingang 0:01
B43 Hi-Lar Static NotForward 0:01
B44 Format None Clock 0:01
B45 LXC Locked In 0:01
B46 0=0 OTC 0:01
B47 Mikrogram title.random(); 0:01
B48 Felix K. Stolen Caps 0:01
B49 Dissident Polyvox Swingers Twist 0:01
B50 Jash Credere 0:01
B51 Carisma (3) Blue 0:01
B52 Abstract Elements Paraloop 0:01
B53 Bop (5) Thing In Itself Loop 0:01
B54 Dephecta Untitled 0:01
B55 ICR Status Modified 0:01
B56 Cyberworm Sporaw 0:01
B57 Numek No Title 0:01
B58 Paradox Can We Rap 0:01
B59 Sh1 The 1,3 Sec Tightology 0:01
B60 Hexer Trieb Loop 0:01
B61 Reactiv Ghost 0:01
B62 Cycom Hörfunk 0:01
B63 X&trick Ganjaloop 0:01
B64 Line 47 Can’t Truss ’em 0:01
B65 Atiq & EnK Mole 0:01
B66 Murderbot I Am From The Midwest 0:01
B67 Dj Bombah Break Machine 0:01
B68 Bazooka Vibe Raider 0:01
B69 D.I.S. Hit It 0:01
B70 Enduser Bitter 0:01
B71 Booga Wrong Therapy 0:01
B72 Throttler Menace Drop 0:01
B73 Panacea Alpha Eins 0:01
B74 Geroyche Crunch Dem Down 0:01
B75 Stress Pills, The Think Things Under 0:01
B76 16Pad Noiseterrorist Future End 0:01
B77 Fada Skunk Trollop 0:01
B78 Amboss Turbo Rock 0:01
B79 DJ Hidden Assassin 0:01
B80 MZE Goof 0:01
B81 Noize Creator Untitled 0:01
B82 Rotator L4x Uber Alles 0:01
B83 DJ Producer, The Intergalactic Extrakt 0:01
B84 LFO Demon Grotterdam 0:01
B85 Society Suckers Our Favourite Bassdrum 0:01
B86 Base (7) Rope 0:01
B87 Nikk! Der Trucker Burger 0:01
B88 Worlds Ab-art Nein, Niemals, Nicht, Nein! 0:01
B89 Melt-Banana 1.333mb 0:01
B90 Arrebite This Is Sirenroll 0:01
B91 Donna Summer (2) 3 Steps To A 4th 0:01
B92 Le Skott All Of A Sudden 0:01
B93 Random Bit Generator Locked Dubber 0:01
B94 Kid Kozmoe Tekkk–nooo 0:01
B95 Thee Vaporizer Areelap 0:01
B96 Yvat Rast 0:01
B97 Dev/Null Nanospiders 0:01
B98 Dose D Eem-3000 0:01
B99 Architect Filter Shit 0:01
B100 Noisemonkey (2) Play 0:01
B101 Buzz (3) Chord Panic 0:01
B102 [sub] inferno 0:01
B103 Repetition/Distract Mercator Projektion IV 0:01
B104 Thomas Christoph Heyde Orchestrashake 0:01
B105 Proceed (4) Gats 0:01
B106 Pork Four Sauber 0:01
B107 Paranoid Society Try Some 0:01
B108 Snaper Bass Is Bass 0:01
B109 Soult Mein Bass 0:01
B110 Istari Lasterfahrer A Giant Leap For Dub Science 0:01
B111 Retrigger Theremin C 0:01

Click = Original

Datacide & Cagliostro present
Breakcore – Noize – Hard DnB – Experimental

Oct.8, 2010

Karl/Society Suckers
Line Destruction
Electric Kettle DJ set
Christoph Fringeli

@ Knochenbox
Boxhagenerstr. 99 10245 Berlin F’hain
Start: 23H / 4 euros