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Rioteer @ Audio Active XXL 03-09-2010
Rioteer has been working up quite a storm in the European breakcore scene with his blend of really heavy breakcore, speedcore and just plain weirdness. His roots lay in all kind of electronic music, a big blent of punk and African Percussive Music. For 4 years Rioteer played in Afrodisiac, a African Percussion group and uses these influences in his tracks. In the past he played at a lot of well known breakcore parties in the Netherlands and Abroad. For example Rioteer played at Breakcore gives me WOOD III in Ghent & the first Clash of the Titans party in Berlin. In the past Rioteer had his weekly radio show at radio raket Tilburg which unfortunately is off the air at the moment. Furthermore he is active in Tilburg as part of the Crackbeats events in Tilburg.

Unfortunately we don’t have a tracklist: most of the tracks are unfinished and nameless.
This means that you listen to a live-set full with funky fresh tunes!
Anyways… expect some dirty & hard breakcore (and beyond).
More info about Rioteer can be found @
Handmade cover by Miss Rioteer is available over here.
More info about Audio Active XXL can be found @ … 0865866714

Download @ … -2010.html
And for the iPhone/iPod/iTunes/podcast addicts: … d377363099

More info about the next Audio Active XXL can be found @ Facebook, Hyves & Last.FM … se/2450841

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