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Festival for contemporary music, arts and political discourse: 21st Oct. – 26th Oct. 2010

From October 21st to 26th, Graz’s Elevate Festival once again stimulates new ways of thinking and listening through an extraordinary combination of electronic music, art and political discourse. Elevate highlights the role and importance of social movements as well as progressive initiatives in civil society and the importance of generating positive change in our society as a whole. At the same time, Elevate presents many live acts that offer fascinating odysseys into innovative worlds of sound far off the beaten path.

Music Programme:

Actress (UK), Altered Natives (UK), Baconhead (UK), Chris Corsano (UK), Christoph De Babalon (DE), Claro Intelecto (UK), DeadFader (UK), DJ Spinn (US), Elektro Guzzi (AT), Emeralds (US), Fritz Ostermayer (AT) w/ Felix Kubin (DE), Giles Smith (UK), Girl Unit (UK), Hudson Mohawke (UK), Jamie xx (UK), Joy Orbison (UK), Merzbow/Pandi (JP/HU), Mount Kimbie (UK), Chrissy Murderbot (US), Oneohtrix Point Never (US), Over at the Stars (AT), Piece of Shh (RS), Project MOE (HR), Pursuit Grooves (US), Robert Hood (US), Rotator (FR), Sandwell District (UK), Terre Thaemlitz aka DJ Sprinkles (US), Tweakers (AT), Walls (UK), WoO (RS), Yoko Tawada (JP) w/ Nik Bärtsch (CH), uvm.
Discourse Programme:

Anjali Kamat (IN), Anna Daimler (AT), Béatrice Achaleke (AT),  Bill McKibben (US), Clemens Apprich (AT), Daniela Kraus (AT), Franziskus Forster (AT), Frederick Baker (UK),  Fritz Pichlmann (AT), Gerald Bäck (AT), Hans Zeger (AT), Iara Lee (BR), Irmi Salzer (AT), Katharina Soos (AT), Kathrin Hartmann (DE), Klaus Schönberger (DE), Klaus Unterberger (AT), Mercedes Bunz (DE), Michaela Moser (AT), Micha Matzer (AT), Mike Bonanno of The Yes Men (US), Niklas Schinerl (AT), Nnimmo Bassey (NG), Ove Sutter (DE), Peter Sunde (SE), Rahel Sophia Süß (AT), Robert Foltin (AT), Robert Misik (AT), Rob Hopkins (UK), Tadzio Mueller (DE), Wenonah Hauter (US), Wolfgang Rehm (AT), uvm.
Documentary Films:

Cultures of Resistance (Austria-Premiere) (US), In Transition (UK), Widerstand in Haiderland (AT), Die vierte Revolution – Energy Autonomy (DE)



presented by Falter

Walls live (Kompakt / UK)
Over At The Stars live (AT)
M.A.R.S. live (Heya Hifi / AT)
Bernstein (Niesenberger / AT)
visuals: vikkake (lux im alltag / AT)
20.00 CET – Elevate Opening Event
mit Mike Bonnano of The Yes Men
music and literature starting 22.00 CET
Fritz Ostermayer (AT) mit Felix Kubin (DE)

Piece of Shh… live (Dis-patch / RS)
DJ Moodswinger (Dis-patch / RS)
B.L.O. (disko404 / AT)
Re-lay semi live (AT)




presented by Red Bull Music Academy

Mount Kimbie live (Hotflush / UK)
Jamie xx (Young Turks / UK)
Joy Orbison (Hotflush, Doldrums / UK)
Pursuit Grooves live (Tectonic, What Rules / US)
Felony Flats (Dis-patch / RS)
cheever (spirals first / AT)
visuals: Project MOE (HR)
+ literature programme starting 20.00 CET featuring:
Oswald Egger (AT) w/ Christof Dienz (AT)
Yoko Tawada (JP) w/ Nik Bärtsch (CH)
Melita Jurisic (HR) w/ metalycée (AT)

Claro Intelecto live (Modern Love / UK)
Sandwell District semi live (feat. Regis & Function / UK)
The Tweakers live (houseverbot / AT)
Martin Kober (LandLordBeats / AT)

Emeralds live (Editions Mego, Wagon / US)
Chris Corsano live (ESP Disk, Ultra Eczema / US)
Oneohtrix Point Never live (No Fun Productions, Editions Mego / US)
WoO live + Incredible Bob (Dis-patch / RS)
Hella Comet live (Pumpkin Records / AT)
Fontarrian live (Blattwerk / AT)
visuals: orjo (backlab / AT)

presented by Vice Magazine

Florian Scheibein (Stadtpark Musik, Pratersauna / AT)
F. Puschmann (houseverbot / AT)




presented by Makava

Robert Hood semi live (M-Plant / US)
Actress live (Werk Discs, Honest Jon’s / UK)
Giles Smith (Secretsundaze, Dessous / UK)
Elektro Guzzi live (Macro Recordings / AT)
Mischa (houseverbot / AT)
visuals: Project MOE (HR)
+ literature programme starting at 20:00 CET featuring
elffriede.interdisziplinäre.aufzeichnensysteme (AT) w/ Jörg Piringer (AT)
jopa von und zyprexa (AT) w/ Krach der Roboter (DE)
Lisa Spalt (AT) w/ Otto von Schirach (US)

Altered Natives (Eye4Eye, 3024 / UK)
DJ Spinn (Ghetto Teknitianz, Sleazetone / US)
Girl Unit (Night Slugs / UK)
Chrissy Murderbot (Sleazetone, WIDE / US)
DJ Dizzy & Dorian Pearce are “Physically F!T” (AT)


Rotator live (Peace OFF / FR)
Baconhead live (Acroplane / UK)
Christoph de Babalon live (Cross Fade Enter Tainment, DHR / DE)
DeadFader live (3BY3 / UK)
Istari Lasterfahrer live (Sozialistischer Plattenbau  / DE)
Tomoroh Hidari live (Record Label Records, Isolate Records / AT)
Trash Van Traxxx live (Amenorea, Dub Goes Wild / ES)
Dub Coretette (Widerstand, disko404 / AT)

visuals: (CH)
Duodroume (BR)
VJ Pora (BR)

presented by Vice Magazine

Clara Moto (Infiné / AT)
Anna Leiser (Resolut / AT)
Dr. Blake (Resolut / AT)




Soundscapes A/V (Dis-patch / RS)



presented by FM4
ab 20:30
Film Screening:
OddsacA Visual Album by Animal Collective and Danny Perez (2010 / 53min)

Toro y Moi live (Carpark / US)
Hudson Mohawke live (Warp, LuckyMe / UK)
Terre Thaemlitz aka DJ Sprinkles (Comatonse / US)
a thousand fuegos live (Fettkakao / AT)
Wilhelm Show me the Major Label DJs (AT)
Funk Guru (cfsn / HR)

Visuals: Yukon, Fnord & Marv on Tagtool (AT)

Merzbow w/ Balázs Pándi on drums (JP/HU)
Otto von Schirach live (Ipecac / US)
Didi Bruckmayr & Sigi Aigner aka MUSSURUNGA live AV (Interzone / AT)
Waikiki Star Destroyer live (AT)
Id live (Wire Globe / AT)
Slobodan Milosevic (God / BA)


presented by Vice Magazine

Armin Schmelz, Simon Riegler & Bernhard Tobola ( / AT)


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