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Daily Archives: September 30th, 2010

Christoph Fringeli just finished uploading Alien Underground to the datacide site…

Alien Underground was the precursor to Datacide with two issues in 1994/5 —
There’s some really cool, and some rather amusing stuff, so check it out!
Christoph uploaded all the features and only left out some smaller news items and charts.
He will add more archive shit in the future, but now back to the present!
  • VR/01/10/2010
  • Bloodshedfest Pre-party: Cephalic Carnage + Psycroptic, Ion Dissonance, Hour Of Penance & Dyscarnate
  • Tickets

Friday, October 1:

Cephalic Carnage – USA – Relapse Records

Ion Dissonance – Canada – Century Media Records

Psycroptic – Tasmania – Nuclear Blast Records

Hour Of Penance – Italy – Unique Leader Records

Dyscarnate – UK – Siege Of Amida Records

Mumakil – Switzerland – Relapse Records

Inevitable End – Sweden – Relapse Records

The Outburst Grind Project – Holland

Malignant Tumour – CZ – Insane Society Records

Relapse Stage (main stage)
19:30 20:00 Dyscarnate
20:30 21:00 Hour of penance
21:30 22:00 ion dissonance
22:30 23:00 Psycroptic
23:30 0:30 Cephalic Carnage
01:15 01:45 The outburst grind project

Basement stage
20:00 20:30 Hymen Holocaust
21:00 21:30 Vultures
22:00 22:30 Inevitable End
23:00 23:30 Mumakil
00:30 01:15 Malignant Tumour

  • ZA/02/10/2010
  • Bloodshedfest 11: met oa Weekend Nachos, Rompeprop, Gadget eva
  • Tickets

Bloodshedfest 11: met oa Weekend Nachos, Rompeprop, Gadget eva

Anal Whore – Germany – Divine Noise Entertainment

Reproach – Belgium – Deep Six Records

Sakatat – Turkey – Useless Records

Kasatka – Belgium – Fuck It, I Quit! Records

Idiots Parade – SK – Rarach Katus Records

Suffering Mind – PL – Addiction To War Records

Mörser – GER – Garden Of Exile Records

Already confirmed for Saturday, October 2 were :
The Afternoon Gentlemen
Attack Of The Mad Axeman
Weekend Nachos

Bloodshedfest is still working on a small surprise of which we can’t say anything yet, but if we have more news you’ll hear it as soon as possible! So come down to Dynamo in Eindhoven on October 1 and 2 and party with us. Special early-bird prices are up and running, €20 for two days of madness and depravity! What are you waiting for? Your music is faster than you! GRIND!


15:40 16:10 the afternoon gentlemen
17:00 17:30 attack of the mad axemen
18:20 18:50 Last Days of Humanity
19:40 20:10 TBA
21:10 22:00 Weekend Nachos
22:50 23:30 rompeprop
0:10 0:40 Magrudergrind

Basement Stage
15:00 15:30 kasatka
16:20 16:50 reproach
17:40 18:10 wojzcech
19:00 19:30 Suffering mind
20:20 21:00 Idiots Parade
22:10 22:40 Morser
23:40 0:10 Colision
0:50 1:30 Sakatat

ALL TICKETS: HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sadly to say we have some changes in the line up:

On Friday 1st of October: Mumakil cancelled, official statement:
Since a few months I’m suffering from a wrist problem which is called “carpal tunnel syndrome” (CTS). It’s a nervous problem and affects the hand, even my arm, during the night and day. It’s a really problem for me as drummer, but I also suffer from it even when I’m not playing. I just came back from the hospital and I have to stop drumming for a period of 2 months and I will have surgery next Friday, to finally cure this problem.
We wish Seb/Mumakil a good recovery and hope to welcome them on a future edition. As replacement we have the almighty Belgium razorgrinders: Leng Tch’e They will blast your balls off!

Then we are also sad to announce the cancellation of Last days Of Humanity on the 2nd day, saturday 2 october. They where forced to cancel last weeks Metal Die Hard Front Festival, and also our Bloodshed Fest. Official statement from Erwin / LDOH bassist:
We are sorry to announce that because of our singers injury ,we are not able to play on bloodshed.
The organization are working like maniacs to find a worthy replacement. We hope to announce it in the next days. But there’s still enough ear candy to pleasure your grindcore needs… stay tuned!

Cheers, Luc & Bloodshed fest organization.

vrijdag 08 oktober 2010

Cenobites + Gewapend Beton

Psychobilly / Crustpunk als Tektron preparty
Zaal open: 20:00 Entree: 5.00 inclusief Tektron

Is het waar? Is het echt waar?

Twee van Nederlands vetste en hardste underground bands op een avond? Ja. het is waar!

Rotterdam Psycho vlaggendragers CENOBITES en Amsterdam Betonpunkers GEWAPEND BETON komen je trommelvliezen kapot beuken!

Deze avond is een samenwerking tussen Stichting TK07 (bekend van underground dance avonden als Takketek en Tektron) en Fat Like Us (Arnhems dikste underground crew, bekend van o.a. Sunday Psychout en Plug and Play Festival). Dit betekend dat Cenobites, Gewapend Beton en aansluitend Tektron avond voor een prijs te bewonderen zijn. Van 20:00 tot 04:00 ben je welkom in Willemeen om een bak tering herrie om je oren geslingerd te krijgen als nooit te voren.

vrijdag 08 oktober 2010

Tektron Invites Narkotek + NYMNYR dj team

Acid, Tekno, Tribe, Breakcore, Jungle, Rave
Zaal open: 23:00 Aanvang: 04:00 Entree: 5.00 VVK: 5.00

Area 1 (Tektron)

Narkotek Crew

Area 2 (NYMNYR )

King Pin & Bart Hard